How to Create 7 Chic Outfits With a Spring Capsule Wardrobe

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by Created for Eden

I am so excited to show you guys my spring capsule wardrobe. I love this time of year. I love the flowers, the newness, and the weather. Most of all, I love spring outfits.

I chose five of my staples to put together different outfits. I have certain pieces in my closet that I wear repeatedly. These pieces are my favorite because they're comfortable. I like the cut, the color, and the material.

I paired each of these pieces together to create various spring outfits. If you’re looking to make a spring capsule wardrobe, pull out all your favorite staple pieces.

With a good capsule wardrobe, you can use the same things you basically wear every single day anyway. You can make each outfit unique by adding a hat, a belt, or some jewelry.

Accessories can really elevate the look and make you feel more put together. You can make an entirely new look with just a few small changes.

I'm going to be using five pieces for my capsule. I’ve chosen a Gingham style dress, as well as some linen high-waisted pants. I have my high-waisted mom jeans in gray. For tops, I am using my tan wrap top and a boy tank in black.

Spring style: Black and white gingham dress

1. Gingham style dress

For the first look, I am using my Gingham dress. I think it looks so cute. It feels like a classic picnic outfit. For shoes, I am wearing my black slip-ons that are so easy to get on and off. I can easily just throw off these shoes and get comfortable on a blanket in the grass. 

Woman wearing gold hoop earrings and gold pendant necklace

I am wearing my gold hoop earrings to give it a more classic elegant look. I’m also wearing my gold pendant necklace that I got on Etsy.

Woman wearing a gingham dress with a wrap top over it

2. Dress with wrap top

This is one of my favorite spring outfits. I discovered this combination last spring, and now I'm obsessed. It is basically the same exact thing as the previous outfit, but I added my wrap top over it. It's got an added layer for when it's a little bit colder outside. I also added a straw hat.

Comfortable linen pants with black tank outfit

3. Linen pants and tank

For this look, I am wearing my linen pants and my black tank. These linen pants are my favorite because they're high-waisted and have a lot of room in them, so they're not at all constrictive. They're so comfortable and breathable. They’re perfect for spring.

I love the look of the bandana as a belt. It’s fun to find unconventional ways to wear standard pieces. I love how it looks with the added texture, and color.

A woman with her hair up with the focus on her earrings

The shoes I chose are my house slippers, because this outfit would be something that I would wear around the house if I'm working from home.

To keep my hair out of my face, I'll just put my hair up in a clip. For jewelry, I would simply keep my normal look with my pearl earrings and my rectangular hoops for my second holes.

2023 spring capsule wardrobe

4. Linen pants, black tank, and wrap top

For this outfit, I'm keeping the basics the same with my linen pants and black tank top, but I'm adding my wrap top over the tank. I love how it adds some texture and layers in a new color with the wrap top over it.

A woman with her hair down showing off a beautiful pearl necklace

This would be a look that I would wear out, so I'm going to be changing my shoes out for my black slip-ons to complement the black of the T-shirt.

Then I'm taking the bandana off my waist and putting it on my head instead. I love how this bandana brings all the colors together with the blacks and browns without looking too perfectly matched.

I'll be keeping my earrings the same, but to add a little bit more elegance to the outfit for going out, I'll just put on my beautiful pearl necklace. I think this necklace really complements this look.

Spring ensemble: Linen pants with a wrap top

5. Linen pants with wrap top

For this look, I am keeping my linen pants, taking off the boy tank underneath, and wearing the wrap top wrapped in the back. This is something I would wear to go get coffee with friends or maybe go to church.

I paired it with my brown clogs, which really elevate the whole outfit, both figuratively and literally because they make me taller.

Capsule wardrobe spring

I love wearing hats. I think hats look cute with any outfit, so I'm pairing this outfit with my straw hat.

For jewelry, I'm going to be keeping my pearl necklace from the previous outfit and switching out my earrings for my hoops.

Spring look: Gray jeans and black tank top

6. Gray jeans and black tank top

For this look, I'm wearing my dark gray mom jeans with the black tank top. For jewelry, I'm switching out my necklace for my pendant necklace. I love the look of the high-neck boy tank with the pendant necklace because I think it helps highlight the necklace.

Spring capsule wardrobe

I'm keeping my hoop earrings with this look. I’m putting my hair back because I think it looks really pretty with the earrings. The pulled back hair together with these earrings makes me feel more put together.

Spring outfit: Gray jeans and wrap top

7. Gray jeans and wrap top

For the next look, I'm keeping my dark gray jeans and adding my wrap top to dress it up a bit. I'm going to be wearing my brown shoes and this really cute straw hat that I actually thrifted for $1. It's perfect for Spring.

Spring outfits for women

To accessorize, I'm wearing my gold hoop earrings in the first piercing and my pearl studs for the second piercings. I think this combination looks cute. I'm wearing my pearl necklace to complement the pearl studs. 

Spring capsule wardrobe

Those were the seven spring capsule outfits. I hope you enjoyed seeing the different combinations and how easily you can change a look by switching up accessories.

I hope this will help you put together your spring capsule. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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  • Car28862480 Car28862480 on Apr 03, 2024

    Good selection of items, fabrics, colors to maximise the number of outfits from 5 pieces of clothing. The same items in a different color pallet would work as well. To elevate the look you need to shorten your bra straps and elevate your bust! If you are not wearing a bra you should get fitted for future comfort and breast health.

  • Noni Noni on Apr 10, 2024

    Nice point about the color pallet. I was thinking this before I saw your comment, Car28862480, because these are not the colors--rather, the tones that work well with my coloring. Cool shades of blue and green and hues of jewel tones in 5 pieces will be my goal for updating my newly slimmed-down closet. Navy or deep blue-grey will be my black.