15 Easy Home Makeover Ideas You Can Do On A Tight Budget

Home is where the heart is. And although you might be physically and emotionally attached to your home, you may often find yourself scrutinizing it. Your home feels dated, and it desperately needs a refresh. What if you could give your home a quick makeover without needing a full home renovation or costly upgrades? Check out these ten (10) easy home makeover ideas you can do yourself in a matter of hours (in a relatively inexpensive way).

1. Change out Window Treatments

Adding new window treatments is a quick and easy way to makeover your space. Window treatments are not only decorative, but they are highly functional. New curtains or drapery can make your room feel cozy and warm. Start by thinking about how you would like light to filter into your space. Then decide whether you want blackout curtains, sheer curtains, Blinds, Roman Shades, or Roller shades. Whatever you decide, make sure it makes sense for your space.

You may even want to try layering window treatments. Layering may involve both see-through curtains for daytime and blackout blinds for nighttime. You can also use curtains to create the illusion of a larger space by hanging the curtain rods closer to the ceiling while allowing the curtains to touch the floor slightly. This will also add a touch of elegance, softness, and an even more modern look.

white curtains ceiling height
2. Modify Flooring

There are many ways to update your old flooring without a professional flooring company. You can paint concrete (ideal for a mudroom, laundry room, or basement) or paint the old dated Floor Tiles. With a little elbow grease, all of these options are relatively easy and affordable to do. If none of these options works well for you, refresh your grout with a grout stain remover or add an area rug to a particular room.

3. Improve your Lighting

It’s time to eliminate the Builder-Grade Lights and switch to something more current. Not only do new lighting fixtures add value to your home, but it also helps to significantly update your room’s aesthetic. It can also make your home appear more spacious and inviting.

Try adding lighting to the dining room, the kitchen cabinets, the entryway, or the family room to create that perfect ambiance and warmth. Maybe even add a cute chandelier or pendant lights. You would be surprised by the difference new lighting can make.

If adding new light fixtures sound a bit too complicated or you think it might require an electrician, you can opt to do something simpler by adding a new table or floor lamp. Lamps can also give a room a warm and cozier feel. I personally only use lamps in my own home at night because I love the way it makes the space look and feels. You can strategically place the lamps in dark corners and watch your room come alive.

farmhouse style light fixture
4. Include Modern Pieces of Furniture

New Furniture can instantaneously update your home. If it’s within budget, then maybe a new couch, a colorful accent chair, a coffee table, or a bold new bed frame in the master bedroom could do the trick. All of these pieces can create a more modern appearance in the home.

5. Upcycle Old Furniture

Giving your house a makeover doesn’t mean getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Consider upcycling an older or worn piece of furniture to give it a brand new look. Upcycling can be a cheaper alternative to buying new furniture.

6. Create a Gallery Wall

Whether on your staircase or a wall in the living room, gallery walls can transform a space. You can choose to display your favorite travel memories or destinations, abstract wall art, or printable art. Try experimenting with different types of art pieces, sizes, and frames. You can get as creative as possible and mix up paintings and eclectic artwork. Art doesn’t have to be perfect portraits. If you prefer perfect symmetry, measure the wall before hanging it for even spacing.

gallery wall blue background
7. Paint an Accent Wall or a Room

Give your space a clean slate with a fresh coat of paint. It might be time to paint over the wood paneling or whitewash your stone or brick fireplace. You can start with a fresh, neutral, or bright paint color. However, if painting an entire room seems a bit too daunting of a task, then maybe consider painting just the trim around the house. Trimwork gives your home a high-end look and helps to highlight your home’s features, drawing close attention to walls, windows, and staircases.

8. Add Wallpaper to a Room or a Designated area

If painting is not your thing, then add Wallpaper to give your space a perfect beautiful backdrop. Wallpaper has come a long way since our grandmother’s decor days. Try peel-and-stick Wallpaper, which is easy to apply and comes in bold colors, patterns, and styles to give your walls an upscale feel. You can affix it to an accent wall or small areas such as the laundry room, powder room, closet, entryway, kitchen, or bedroom. Peel-and-stick Wallpaper is a great way to add new colors and patterns instantly. The best part about all this is if you attach it and you don’t like it, it is easy to remove without much harm to your wall.

9. Add Color to Front Door

Painting your door is a relatively small project with a big impact. It is a focal point of a home and the first thing your guests will see when entering your home. A pop of color on the front door is a great way to showcase your style. A front door with color is not only fun but gives off a more inviting appearance. So try painting the door orange, red, blue, or a dark hue to make the entryway pop.

A painted door will help to boost your home’s curb appeal. But don’t forget to apply a good coat of primer, as this will help to preserve the life of the painted door. Once done, finish the look by adding symmetrical plantings on either side of the walkway or include a new welcome mat for a final touch.

front door painted orange
10. New Bedding

Bed sheets, duvets, and throws set the tone for your bedroom’s design and the way you sleep. Sometimes, all it takes to liven up a bedroom is a fresh change of bedding. And you don’t need a lot of money to style your bed on a budget. You can quickly spruce up the bedroom for a small cost and little effort.

11. PowerWash the Exterior of the House

If you are short on funds or time, then a powerwash can make a world of difference to the exterior of your home. Sometimes a powerwash can make your home look like you added a couple coats of exterior paint. Powerwashing removes built-up dirt, spider webs, or other grime from the siding of the home. Painting your home can cost thousands of dollars, while a good powerwash can cost a couple hundred dollars.

12. Let Nature in with Plants

Not only do plants and flowers instantly make your living space look more beautiful, but they can also boost our spirits, making them the perfect addition to any home. They are great for maintaining air quality while adding an organic element to your decor. If you lack a green thumb like I do, consider fake plants that look real.

13. Replace the Showerhead

A showerhead is usually an afterthought for most people. However, a great shower can drastically improve your mood, relieve tension and massage away aches and pains. It can literally be the best part of your day. So, why not replace it? Shower heads come in a wide range of spray patterns, water pressure, and aesthetics. Try an adjustable dual shower head, rain shower head, or high-pressure handheld shower head. Whatever your desire and price point, there is a showerhead out there for you.

14. Apply Fresh Caulking

There’s nothing worse than old moldy leaky caulking. If your bathroom or kitchen caulking shows signs of wear with a brown tinge along the edges, it’s time to apply new caulking. Whether it’s around your kitchen sink, between the bathroom tub, or around the joints of your shower stall, it is time for the old caulking to go.

15. Swap out Hardware in the Kitchen or Bathroom

A simple switch out of hardware is an easy home makeover idea. This is just one of a few kitchen updates you can do in a day. You can even take it a step further and spray paint your doorknobs.

I hope that you have found these ten easy home improvement projects useful and helpful. At the end of the day, you don’t have to be an interior designer to model some of these affordable fixes and simple changes. It’s the little things that matter, and you deserve a great home that is comfortable yet beautiful and a home that you love. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Tamara | The Thrifty Apartment
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