9 Brilliant Household Hacks Using Dollar Tree's Cooling Rack

by Simplify

We are back with But First, Coffee! Kallie Branciforte is continuing her innovative series on creative hacks with Dollar Tree products. Today, Kallie is going to share some hacks, tricks, and methods that she uses with a simple Dollar Tree cooking rack.

1. Transforming the Cooling Rack into a Message Board

This ubiquitous item is perfect for storage; she suggests hanging it on a wall or refrigerator to create an impromptu message board. According to Kallie, using S-hooks, binder clips, or clothes pins are perfect to attach important papers or keys.

2. The Innovative Napkin Holder Cooling Rack Hack

One inventive hack she shares involves attaching a Dollar Tree napkin holder to the bottom of the cooling rack with a zip tie. This clever adaptation gives you a spot for hanging keys or papers on top and storing planners or notebooks in the napkin holder.

3. Converting a Cooling Rack into a Jewelry Organizer

Kallie demonstrates that the cooling rack can also serve as a jewelry organizer. Hung in a closet or bathroom, it's perfect for displaying necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. She even showcases it as a sunglass organizer, preventing scratches that can occur when sunglasses are tossed into a bucket or drawer.

Is your jewelry box overflowing? Try a Dollar Tree cooling rack to bring some order back to it!

4. Vertical Hanging Technique with Cooling Rack

Kallie suggests hanging the cooling rack vertically, anchoring it with wire loops on each corner and Command hooks. This provides a hanging space for kitchen utensils or equipment, or various items in an office.

5. DIY Cooling Rack Shelf Creation

Using wire pliers or even her hands, she bends it lengthwise to form a handy shelf for planners, books, cookbooks, or even bathroom reading material.

6. The Cooling Rack as a Versatile Storage Rack

Kallie bends the cooling rack horizontally to form a small storage rack. Securing the ends with floral wire, she demonstrates how this rack can be used in the bathroom for toiletries, or in the kitchen as a spice rack.

Try using the cooling rack as a spice rack instead!

7. Square Storage Solution with Cooling Rack

By folding the cooling rack into a square and using zip ties to secure it, Kallie creates a versatile storage solution that can be used for countertop storage, a shelf riser, or even a memo board.

8. Building a Functional Cubby with Cooling Racks

Create a functional cubby by connecting cooling racks with zip ties! This easily constructed cubby is perfect for storing lightweight items like books, pens, and markers.

9. Paper Towel Holder and Cooling Rack Organizer DIY

The Dollar Tree paper towel holder and four cooling racks also work to create an organization stand, which used for displaying snacks at a party, showcasing art prints.

Got Any More Cooling Rack Hacks?

Kallie Branciforte's ideas can be a great stepping stone to your own hacks! Let us know in the comments if you have any great ideas on how to use the Dollar Tree cooling rack around the house. Happy organizing!

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