10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas

Today's video is full of DIY home decor ideas. All are ways that you can update and refresh your home decor without spending a penny. I am so excited to share these DIY decor ideas with you.


1. Upcycling jars and cans

Collect four or five jars of different sizes. Spray paint the lids with black spray paint, measure the jars, and then create simple decals on your Cricut machine. Stickers or rub-on transfers would also work.

You could also tie ribbon or twine around the top if you like. I like to use my jars as storage in the bathroom.

Small jars are great for storing matches. I print a vintage matchbox label and Mod Podge it to the side of my jam jar. I cut the striker off the matchbox and glued it to the bottom of the back of my jar. I painted the lid to match the color of the matches. I think my Dollar Tree matches are pretty cute.

I thought this old cologne bottle would make a pretty vase. I used pliers to snap off the spray nozzle. I then used goof off and a straight razor to scrape off the brand logo. A little twine tied around the top hides the threading for the lid.

I printed out vintage botanical images of herbs and spices such as thyme and cinnamon and Mod Podged these to the front of old tin cans. I also like to save and paint old paint cans.

They make great planters for real or fake plants. You can leave them plain or add a cute label.


2. Reusing existing frames

Changing the art in frames you already own is a great way to update your home decor. You can leave the frames as they are or change them up with some paint. I took a picture of our street sign with our house in the background to put into this old frame.

I added a Dollar Tree mat that I already had on hand. Pictures of anything in your neighborhood would be nice. Cutting pictures from a book is another easy way to update your art.

Old note cards and postcards also have pretty images that look even better when put in a frame.

Teacup candle

3. Recycling old candles

Here is a fun idea for recycling old or ugly candles. Put the candles in an oven-safe container and set the temperature to 200 degrees. I set the oven timer and check it every 20 minutes or so.

When the wax is melted, I remove the wicks and reuse those if possible. I set the wick in the bottom of my new container using a little wax. You can add a few drops of essential oil to the wax before pouring it into your container.

Use pencils or straws to keep the wicks in position and from drooping into the wax.

Chopping board display

4. Displaying everyday items

Some of the best decorative accessories are practical items that you use every day. Cutting board displays are super popular right now. Rolling pins and wooden spoons look great when grouped, as does silverware.

When styling my china cabinet, I pulled these pretty little napkin rings out of a drawer so I could enjoy them every day.

I have a tray filled with vintage games on my living room table. My galoshes are displayed in the mud room next to a bread box with winter gloves. Everyday washcloths, towels, and soaps make practical and pretty bathroom displays.

Bird's nest

5. Bringing nature inside

I believe that nature provides the most beautiful home decor.

I realize that not everyone has their own yard. You could collect items on a walk in a natural setting or even in your neighborhood. I am lucky to have evergreens in my yard that provide me with plenty of pine cones.


6. Moving decor from room to room

No matter how beautiful a room is, eventually, we will tire of it.

Perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to refresh your home decor is to switch things up from other rooms. When I no longer had use for a china cabinet in my dining room, I moved it to my master bedroom. It provides great storage.


7. Creating collections

Just about anything can be a collection, and collections make unique and interesting decor. I'm lucky to have a very pretty built-in bar in my home, but we don't drink very much, so I've filled the shelves with a variety of small collections.

In the laundry room, I have jars filled with buttons and spools. I have a jar filled with white farm animal napkin rings in the kitchen. My son has kept a chapstick collection since his grade school days.

DIY door surface

8. Thinking of new uses for old things

Do you have old things you love that don't seem to have a place or purpose in your home?

Try to think of those things in a different way. Not what their initial purpose was, but what their potential purpose could be.

This mailbox is so much more interesting than a towel rack from Home Depot. A ladder in my laundry room provides great storage and gives me a place to hang up clothes. A broken clock makes a fun planter for a child's bedroom. An old lantern makes great storage for old books I want to keep but never read.

Don't throw out those old appliances just because they don't work. They can make great nostalgic decor. This old lunchbox and thermos inspired me to create this school-themed vignette in my bookcase. Outdoor decor can look great when brought inside, especially during the spring and summer months.

9. Using outdoor decor inside

Outdoor decor can look great when brought inside, especially during the spring and summer months. I love the texture a trellis adds to my mudroom. I use mini outdoor lanterns inside my home, and to mix things up, I brought the wicker chairs from my front porch into my dining room.


10. Embellish old things

My last idea is maybe the easiest of them all, to add embellishments to old things to give them a new look—a simple ribbon spices up a jar of napkin rings.

Hot gluing ribbon to the top and bottom refreshes a tired lampshade. I tore this piece of lace off a dress I was throwing out and used it to make a little bow for the wreath in my dining room. I also like to use wreaths, candle rings, and greenery to enhance large or plain items.

DIY home decor ideas

DIY decor can be stunning. What DIY home decor ideas have you created? Share your projects in the comments below.

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  • Mel59173922 Mel59173922 on Oct 25, 2023
    I went to a thrift store bought two statues of the same kind and two ceiling fan light fixtures and glued them on top of the statue of the churbs and a little paint and they're all done candle holders!