10 Simple Ideas & Hacks For Organizing Small Spaces in Your Home

by Simplify

Kristen shares ideas for organizing small spaces to help save space in your home. If you've been looking for ways to maximize your storage, this article is for you. Here are just a few of Kristen’s small space organization ideas.

For starters, utilize the space under your bed. Kristen stores off-season items and luggage under her bed. If you don't have enough height to slide things underneath, Kristen recommends using bed lifter blocks. Bed lifter blocks slide right underneath the feet of your bed to add about five inches in height. This will extend the space underneath your bed so you can fit more.

Keeping an organized junk drawer is always a challenge. Kristen uses sliding drawer organizers. These essentially create a drawer within the drawer, allowing for multiple levels of organization. Kristen uses the top sliders to hold items she reaches for daily and stores her secondary items underneath. This way things can be hidden away while remaining accessible.

Organizing small spaces

An angled bin for spaces like cabinets is a great way to store items. With a regular bin, you’re forced to take the entire thing out to find what you're looking for. Angled bins hold the same amount as the regular ones, but the angled sides allow you to easily see and access everything inside.

Organizing small spaces

Organization is about making your life easier and angled bins do exactly that. You can start using some of these strategies in your home. Which of these organization ideas do you think you’ll benefit from? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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