What is Slow Decorating and What to Avoid When Decorating Your Home

Vintage Style Gal
by Vintage Style Gal

Searching slow decorating? We are excited to share with you today what slow decorating is and what to avoid when decorating your home.

What is slow decorating you ask? Just how it sounds... taking your time decorating your space and make sure you are filling your home with pieces that will stay with you over time.

No need to rush trying to fill a home quickly. Take your time. Make sure you love each piece and make sure you are making purchases you will not tire of.

I have to say, this is how we decorated our home. When a friend came to visit us and we had lived here a few months, we had exactly one end table and two chairs in our living room. She commented she could not believe that is all we had in our large living room space.

Honestly, I did not really put a lot of thought into what she was saying at the time. I know what I like and there was no way I was settling for anything other than what I had in mind. A curated look takes time to create when searching out the perfect pieces.

Chesterfield sofas, yep, love them! Check!

Antique chairs in our living room, again a must have for me. Check!

Unique decor in the living room. Check!

I did not mind our living room was sparce since I knew it would be the living room we would have for years to come once it was complete. Do not let others pressure you into finishing your home when you move in. Take your time, make the best decisions for you and your family.

I think I have filled everything on our list now. We made purchases of quality pieces that I know will last the test of time. We may still have the chairs on either side of our mantel reupholstered, but I am not completely sold on that idea either.

I knew when I saw those chairs in the second hand church shop that they were excellent quality. When I lifted the chair cushion and saw the Century label, I hit the jackpot!

Century is made in North Carolina, made in USA pieces are typically quality pieces. They will last my lifetime and will move on to the next person after me. Pieces that will last the test of time may be a more expensive purchase initially, but in the long run will save you money since you only need to make the purchase once. Good quality = lasting pieces.

Go with timeless pieces. I am all about French provincial and you probably have seen several pieces in our home. I have just always been drawn to those curly que legs for some reason. It is a timeless style so I do not need to worry if it will be "in" 20 years from now.

Now that we have everything we need in most of the rooms of our home, I am happy with what we have. Being content in life is something I think just comes with age. Did I just call myself old? Now we cannot go saying that... I just think the older we become, the more content in life we are.

If you are moving into a new home, or considering redecorating, take your time. I think in the long run you will be happy with your decisions. I also think once you move in, your needs change so the pieces you thought you had to have initially may not work in your space once you are all moved in and living in the space.

I know our needs have changed since we first moved in. I purchased the perfect French style mirror for our foyer. I kept telling myself I HAD TO HAVE a table in our foyer. I kept searching, going to antique stores looking for the perfect piece. I kept coming up short, pieces were too large, too small, not the style I wanted.

Finally one weekend I told Mr. VS we needed to get the mirror off the floor before it got knocked over, and just hang it on the wall. Since we were unsure how tall the table we were stressing to find would be, I did not want us to hang the mirror. I think that weekend I just gave up.

Do you know after the mirror was hung I was so happy I did not settle and just bring home a piece just to fill the space? I found I did not want a table in the space afterall. For years that space was empty under the mirror until I decided to remove a bench seat from our kitchen and move it into the foyer.

Sometimes you figure things out by shopping your own home, and in this case, it paid off for me since I already had the bench here. Trust me, I have made plenty of mistakes on our home, but I enjoy sharing what I have found with y'all in the hopes I can save you from making the same silly mistakes I have, and hopefully some money too.

The snow is falling outside, along with freezing rain. Hopefully the roads will be clear by the time morning comes. Hope you have a wonderful and safe week.

Vintage Style Gal
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