9 Ways to Save Money on Back to School Clothes

by TwoKidsandaCoupon

If your kids have grown a lot over the summer, help stretch your budget with these ways to save money on back to school clothes.

save money on back to school clothes

Back to school is here for many areas and getting ready to start everywhere else. Have you bought all the things your kids need for back to school?

Living in Iowa, my kids haven’t worn socks, long sleeves or jeans in months. We’ve been living in shorts and sandals for months and now that the hot weather is gradually fading, it’s time to think about new clothes for fall and back to school.

save on back to school shopping

My son is almost 6 foot at 13 and most of his pants from the spring, look like he’s expecting a flood. We’ll be heading shopping for some new things for back to school this week and to help your family save money, I thought I’d share some of our top tips for saving on school clothes.

Ways to Save Money on Back to School Clothes

Use Money Saving Apps

Did you know there are amazing money saving apps that can help you earn free stuff and cash back on your purchases? Cash back sites like Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) and TopCashBack pay you cash on your purchases and can help you earn cash rewards that you can use to get free clothes and shoes, or what ever else your family might need. You can even use a cash back credit card with these to save even more!

Another one of my favorites, Ibotta is a money-saving app that gives you cash back when you shop at popular stores. I use Ibotta most often at the grocery store, where I can earn $50 or more a month back in rewards that I can redeem for store gift cards to buy clothing and more. Learn more about my favorite apps to save money.

save on back to school
Clean Out Your Closets and Dressers

Have you cleaned out the closets and dressers at your house recently? Chances are you might find that you have more back to school clothes on hand than what you realized! Go through your closets and drawers and do an inventory of what items can still be worn and what items can be resold or repurposed.

Can those old stained t-shirts and gym shorts be repurposed to pajamas or play clothes? Will your older son’s hand-me-downs now fit your youngest? Can an old dress be trimmed and hemmed into a stylish shirt? Get organized and you might not need as much new clothing for your kids as you thought. Be sure to check out these other tips on how to declutter your home to save money.

save money back to school shopping
Join Reward Programs

You know when you check out at a store and they ask for your phone number or email address? Be sure to give it to them! You know why? Not only will they send you coupons for your favorite stores, but you can also earn free stuff!

Reward programs can be an amazing resource for discounts and freebies, especially when your family loves certain brands. We have received thousands of dollars in free stuff over the years, and while some reward programs require you to collect points or make a purchase, others just require you to sign up. Clothing store reward programs will often send high value coupons that you can use to score free or heavily discounted items.

I love getting coupons for Kohl’s and some of my favorite stores for kids, The Children’s Place and OshKosh B’gosh have great reward programs.

save money at garage sales
Shop Garage Sales

While it’s not totally free, garage sales are very cheap and can be an excellent way to stretch your clothing budget, especially when you have a family. You can often even find name-brand, designer items or brand-new clothing with the tags still on.

It can take a bit of searching and digging, but the results can be worth it! Last year I found 10 pairs of Under Armour pants at a garage sale for my son that were brand new with the tags still attached for just $1 per pair.

save on kids clothes
Get a Store Credit Card

While you should always use credit responsibly, if you do a lot of shopping for back to school clothes at a particular store, you might benefit from a store credit card. Many retailers offer additional savings for store credit card holders. Whether you get a Target credit card to save 5% on every purchase, sign up for a Kohl’s credit card or get one for another store, the savings can add up! Just make sure you pay off the balance promptly to avoid interest or late fees.

save money at thrift stores
Go Thrifting

Have a kiddo that loves vintage looks and unique finds? Don’t be afraid to head to the thrift stores for more original finds and fantastic prices. It’s a great way to find cool looks that no one else has and to save money doing it!

Prefer to do your thrifting online? I’m also partial to Thredup.com for buying used children’s clothing online. Register for free for Threadup today and you’ll also get $10 free towards your first Thredup purchase.

save money on clearance
Watch Clearance

While you’re out picking up your school supplies, be sure to check out the clearance racks for clothing while you’re there. When stores are changing out seasonal clothing, they often clearance non-seasonal items as well. I’ve found great deals on leggings, socks, underwear and more!

get back to school deals
Hit the Outlet Mall

Have a teen or tween who desires name brand threads? Your local outlet mall is a great place to find amazing deals. I was able to get several items buy one get one free this weekend on some great hoodies and pants, as well as scored amazing clearance items for under $10.

back to school deals for clothes
Check Out Neighborhood Clothing Closets

If your family is low income, you might be qualify to receive items from local clothing closets. These organizations are an excellent resource when your budget is tight and you can also consider donating other items your family no longer needs to give back as well.

If your kids have grown a lot over the summer, help stretch your budget with these ways to save money on back to school clothes. 

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