How to Effectively Use Closet Shelf Dividers to Organize Your Home

I love organizing and choosing organizing products, and closet shelf dividers are an interesting one. These organizers are underutilized but can be quite useful. Here are my seven ideas of how to organize your belongings by using shelf dividers for closets.

What is the purpose of closet shelf dividers?

The original function of the closet shelf divider is to keep folded clothes from toppling over and to keep purses upright in order to maintain their shape.

They are not meant to hold items that are difficult to fold, like delicate scarves. Those do better being stored within a bin or basket on the closet shelf instead.

What are the best ways to use closet shelf dividers?

The first and simplest way to use these organizers is to store folded clothes on top of the shelf of your closet. I never used a dresser in the previous places I lived because I was able to store all my clothes, including folded clothes like sweaters and pajamas in the closet.

These are also great for linen closet shelves as they keep towels and sheets upright.

Using closet shelf dividers to store purses

They keep purses upright in order to keep them from forming creases, too. Don't forget to stuff your purses while they are stored. You can be resourceful and use grocery bags or newspapers within Ziploc bags or crumpled craft paper.

For some unconventional uses, you can keep binders upright on a shelf or in the closet of your office.

You can also use them to designate portions of shelves in shared spaces like a bedroom shared between siblings, or in a door room. You can label the shelf in between dividers.

You can keep each of your kids' lunch bags in between these dividers in labeled sections within your pantry.

Closet shelf dividers for organizing

How do I decide if I need a shelf divider?

These are great to consider if you have items that are toppling over, whether it is your craft room, bedroom or office, et cetera. If they are not toppling over, then you don't need closet organizer shelf dividers. 

However, if you are a disorganized dasher rather than an organized dasher, then you will do well to have these anyway and label the items that belong in each spot so that you don't end up tossing items on the top shelf.

Another situation where shelf dividers will probably be useful is if you do not have the space for a dresser or just do not want to have a dresser in your bedroom. You can store folded clothing on the top shelf of your closet.

How to organize with closet shelf dividers

Finally, these can help eliminate confusion about whose items belong to whom on shared shelves when they are labeled in between. How do I save money on shelf dividers?

First, as always, do not purchase more dividers than you need. Again, you will pare down your items to what you need before you purchase any organizing products. 

The most affordable option, hands down, are ones from Big Lots. Walmart and Amazon also have great prices.

How to use closet shelf dividers

As usual, the Container Store has the best selection to match the style you may prefer and the prices are between Walmart and Amazon. I love acrylic ones with the bonus hub.

How to use closet shelf dividers

Hopefully, these closet organization ideas featuring closet shelf dividers have been useful for you and have inspired you to organize your own closet.

Do you use closet shelf dividers at home? Do you have any other original ideas on how to use them for organizational purposes? Let me know in the comments!

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