25 Simple & Practical Home Organization Hacks You Need to See

Ragini | Home GupShup
by Ragini | Home GupShup

Looking for home organization hacks? This video has techniques that are simple and practical. Grab a cup of chai or coffee and save the tips you like the most.

Suction-based organizer

1. Use a suction-based organizer

How to use a suction-based organizer

It’s generally meant for a dish sponge in the sink, I use it to hold leftover sauce sachets and cheese slices. Now, little packets don’t get lost in the back of the fridge.

Storing chopping boards

2. Store chopping boards 

How to store chopping boards

I found a unique way to store chopping boards by installing a tension rod in a drawer. Finally I have a vertical solution with a proper, designated space for everything.

Sealing opened boxes

3. No need for a box anymore 

To seal opened boxes, simply fold the top parts as shown. This method can become a quick fix. I’ve used this trick so many times to seal packages, until I find the right storage box or if their container is in the dishwasher.

Pillowcase trick

4. A pillowcase trick

It’s easy to fold and store bed sheets, but since pillowcases are smaller, they often get lost and it’s hard to find the ones that match. A good home organization hack is to fold the bedsheet and the other pillowcase and place them inside one of the pillowcases. Easy peasy! This way the entire set stays together.

Using a lint roller to remove dust from lampshades

5. Use a lint roller to remove dust from lampshades

You won’t have to sneeze every time you use a rag to dust anymore.

Reusing fancy boxes for storage

6. Reuse fancy boxes

No-cost organizing

No-cost organizing is the best form of organizing. Putting old chocolate boxes to good use is my favorite. A see through Ferrero box is perfect for storing things you want to see more often.

Using tension rods in creative ways

7. Use tension rods in creative ways

Making additional closet shelves with tension rods was one solution that helped me. Keep only lightweight stuff on it. 

How to use IKEA organizers

I used these IKEA organizers to prevent things from falling through the gaps. 

Placing all eggs in one single container

8. Place all the eggs in one single container

For those who struggle with limited space in the fridge, ditch the conventional method of storing things. Using an egg tray takes up a ton of space which can be utilized for other things.

Reusing fruit and vegetable containers

9. Reuse fruit and vegetable containers

These small packets of sauce never stand up straight and keep falling, making the fridge look messy. I like to put them in the plastic containers that fruits and vegetables often come in. This trick isn’t just for the fridge; it can be used in many places around the house.

Hanging up your cups

10. Hang up your cups

Use these cup organizers, which you can simply tuck into the cupboards, to make space for other things in the same cabinet.

Using baskets

11. Use baskets

The greatest way to store clutter and conceal items is a basket. It’s useful for storing items without a precise shape. I created a baking basket that solely contains baking supplies. This remains on the top shelf because I don’t use it frequently.

Using IKEA shelf dividers

12. Use IKEA shelf dividers

They are really useful for using vertical space within the cabinet and making it easier to get things off the shelves.

Organizing using vertical space

13. Organize using vertical space

Purchasing organizers aren’t always necessary. To create a stair-like impression, I used old boxes that were of comparable height. This makes it easier to access items towards the back.

Finding the end of the tape easily

14. Find the end of the tape easily

Sometimes we can spend minutes trying to find the end of the tapes. It’s funny but true. A simple measure of sticking a toothpick in every time you use it can save a lot of time.

Folding paper bags

15. Fold paper bags

Amazingly, we are turning towards alternatives to plastic these days. Paper bags are pretty large and take up a lot of space. They can be stored together conveniently by folding them in this fashion.

Using narrow bottles

16. Use narrow bottles

One of the most frequently used areas of the house is the kitchen pantry, and we frequently look for ways to arrange it in a more effective and fashionable manner.

I discovered this innovative and cheap method of pantry organization – substituting these convenient bottles for the wide glass jars that are too heavy and big for my mom to hold.

Using adjustable shelves

17. Use adjustable shelves

Since storage is at a premium in Indian kitchens and we had several teacups (because we all enjoy sipping chai several times a day) I found these adjustable shelves online. The best part is that the length can be adjusted as needed. 

Lining shelves with foam for crockery

I first lined the shelf with foam to stop the clanking sounds from crockery.

Creating a storage rack

18. Store spice jars

How to store spices in a draw

I often speak about home organizing hacks that need no spending. I came up with this tilted shelf divider that makes it easy to pick and place back these tiny glass jars. Simply cut and fold cardboard to adjust the size to your drawer, and you can make yourself an organizer in no time. 

Storing napkins vertically

19. Store napkins vertically

 I enjoy hosting people, so I keep a surplus of attractive paper napkins on hand. This was the most convenient and straightforward approach to storing them vertically.

Making attractive lids

20. Make attractive lids

Pretty paper napkins can also be used to create attractive lids. You’ll have a prettified jar for yourself in no time if you tuck these napkins along the inside corners of a lid. It’s also easy to change at a later stage.

Using sticky tabs for organization

21. Use sticky tabs 

Banging doors and cabinets can get annoying and be damaging to the walls. The minimalist solution I found was to use these tiny tabs that adhere to the wall easily and create a subtle but effective gap between the door handle and the wall. 

Cheap DIY home organization hacks

Isn’t this incredible?

Home organizing hacks

I also use these to make my marble platter anti-scratch and non-stick.

Using lazy susans for organization

22. Use lazy Susans

They are one of the most effective organization tools. My nuts corner is now easily accessible due to this rotating, game-changing tool.

Hanging gloves with clothespins

23. Hang your gloves

As a homemaker, I look for solutions to organize little things here and there. My dishwashing gloves were on my list for a long time. I found this new trick, where I basically stick a clothespin up with double-sided tape. It also holds the dusting cloths.

How to store cords

24. Fold up cords

The most beautiful place can look unattractive due to cords and wires. Everything looks tidy after the cord has been folded and fitted within this cardboard roll. 

Home organization hacks

25. Fold plastic bags

Reusing plastic bags is smart. They are undoubtedly more neat and tidy when folded in this manner. They become easier to manage and occupy less space.

Home organization hacks

These were just a few of the many home-organizing hacks I had in my kit. Please mention the one tip that you felt most useful in the comments section. See you later! 

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