$1 Kitchen Organization Ideas You Can Get From the Dollar Tree

by Simplify

Kallie Branciforte recently bought a house and is getting it organized, so she's sharing her tips on kitchen organization. Kitchen organization doesn’t need to be expensive. The tools that Kallie used all came from Dollar Tree.

Kallie started with the dry goods cabinet. The cabinet looked overwhelming at the beginning. It was hard to see where things were. Kallie took all the dry goods off the shelves.

She started with the spices. The problem with storing spices is that if the label on the bottle isn’t visible, it’s hard to find the needed spice. To solve this problem, Kallie used paper, tape, and a sharpie from Dollar Tree to label the lids.

Next, Kallie took a plastic bin from Dollar Tree and used it as a kitchen cabinet organizer. She put the spices inside the bin. Now, when Kallie needs a spice, instead of knocking around all the loose spice containers, Kallie can pull out the bin, look at the labels, and find what she needs, quickly, easily, and without a mess.

Flour bags and other dry goods bags don’t always hold up and can leave cabinets messy. To solve this, Kallie moved the dry goods into large Tupperware and mason jars from the Dollar Tree. Then, Kallie attached label holders from Dollar Tree. The label holders have a place to slip a label inside, so it can be replaced later.

Kitchen organization ideas

Kallie organized dry goods that she uses together into Locker Bins from Dollar Tree. For example, she made a bin for seeds and nuts, that has everything she needs to make oatmeal in the morning. She also set aside a bin for the random, small, and loose items that end up getting lost in a pantry.

After tackling the cabinets, Kallie tackled the refrigerator. She put Dollar Tree contact paper down to protect the shelves.

The contact paper can be wiped clean, and, if there’s a major spill in the refrigerator, or it gets too gross, it can be removed and replaced. Kallie also stuck long skinny bins into the refrigerator for organizing items like yogurts.

Kitchen organization

The last thing Kallie added to her kitchen was no-slip shelf liners, to keep things from sliding around in drawers. Her kitchen organization will make it easier to keep things clean and find what she needs.

How do you keep your kitchen organized? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Rita Rita on Dec 05, 2022

    Great ideas but putting contact paper on fridge shelves blocks out the refrigerator light.

  • Sha72287297 Sha72287297 on Dec 05, 2022

    My kitchen is tiny. I converted an old broom closet into a pantry and made some shelves with scrap wood. I actually have Tupperware from the parties. And use that as much as I can. Flour I keep in the refrigerator. I live in the South and the South is a bug haven. I have glass shelves in my refrigerator so easy to wipe them clean when needed. Had to ask for them specifically when I bought the refrigerator otherwise would have had those shelves with the bars on them. Nasty things.