These Brand-New Dollar Tree Finds Will Transform Your Home (Wow!)

by Simplify

Who doesn't love to see a gleaming, orderly bathroom and taking peaceful showers? A messy bathroom can get on anyone's nerves. If the mess has been bothering you, today's as good a day as any to tackle it!

Kathryn welcomes viewers to her channel, Do It On A Dime, offering motivation and strategies for FINALLY tackling clutter in the bathroom. She promises to share surprising Dollar Tree hacks and practical tips for effective organization.

Decluttering Strategies - Sorting with Sarah

In the company of her friend Sarah, a teacher, Kathryn initiates the decluttering process. Together, they categorize items into 'yes,' 'no,' and 'donate' piles, focusing on essentials for daily use.

Dollar Tree Hacks - Organization Solutions

Following the decluttering phase, Kathryn introduces five indispensable Dollar Tree products that offer lasting organization benefits. She highlights the versatility of items from the catering section, such as lidded candy jars, veggie trays, and newly introduced round serve trays.

Who know Dollar Tree trays could help organize your bathroom?

Shopping Your House - Reusing and Repurposing

Kathryn emphasizes the value of repurposing existing items and shopping within one's own home for innovative organizational solutions. By combining a stand from Sarah's house with Dollar Tree bins, they transform an unused corner into a functional space.

Spa-like Organization - Creating a Relaxing Space

Kathryn and Sarah curate a spa-inspired bathroom ambiance using cost-effective Dollar Tree products. They utilize lidded candy jars for neatly storing bath bombs and employ elegant trays and baskets to organize hair accessories.

Make your bathroom feel like your own spa!


With gratitude for the opportunity to share her enthusiasm for cost-effective organization, Kathryn emphasizes the satisfaction derived from a clutter-free, functional, and spa-like living space.

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