What Causes Clutter? 10 Things That Are Causing Clutter in Your Home

by Simplify

What causes clutter in our homes? Random items we don’t use linger in our homes. Things seem to just sneak in and clutter up our spaces. Here are some of the root causes of clutter.

What causes clutter?

These days so many products we buy come with extra parts. Things like extra pieces, spare parts, and attachments sneak in with things we buy. We keep them because they came with a product and we think we might need them, but 95% of the time, we never use them.

In addition to extra parts we don’t use we also have tons of wires. Despite the progress in Bluetooth and wireless technology, wires continue to invade our spaces. We end up with wires that are no longer in use. Like spare parts, we keep old wires thinking we might need them someday, but we don’t.

Another category of items you may have overlooked are the almost empty bottles that linger longer than necessary. We buy a replacement bottle before the old one is finished and then we feel guilty throwing it out because there’s still a tiny bit left. Unless you’re going to use each product until it’s empty before replacing it, you may as well throw out those almost-empty bottles.

Start getting clutter under control by giving every item a designated storage place. Things get left lying around when they don’t belong anywhere specific. Designating a place for every item prevents clutter from accumulating. Labeling storage spaces is a great way to ensure that items end up back where they belong.

What causes clutter?

There are random items creating clutter in your home. Items you may not have considered are taking up space. Getting rid of things like extra parts, old wires, and empty bottles will help you to clear out some of your clutter.

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  • Rosemary Davis Rosemary Davis on Jan 20, 2023

    You are so point on & realistic. Many times I don't watch these videos clear through but this one talked about a lot of things I'm guilty of in a short amt of time

  • Martha Burger Martha Burger on Mar 18, 2023

    In my house, clutter is primarily caused by my husband. He has many projects constantly going and despite taking over the entire garage with woodworking machines and half the basement; still leaves his stuff all over the main areas in the house (kitchen, dining room especially.) Trying to find anything is a crapshoot and we probably have multiples of many things that were “lost” and repurchased. My family is constitutionally unable to return things to where they belong so it’s a nonstop battle.

    • Ronald Schumaker Ronald Schumaker on Aug 14, 2023

      I would say he’s a dead ringer for ADHD. I have it myself and it’s very treatable we are born with it