What is the Root Cause of Clutter? 8 Things to Consider

by Simplify

Let’s focus on the root cause of clutter. It has become a societal norm to have an exorbitant amount of stuff. There are many factors driving us to buy, collect and keep all sorts of things we don’t need. Thinking about what causes clutter will help us manage and prevent it from accumulating.

The ease with which high-quality products are readily available is problematic. Society falls victim to incessant advertisements. It’s too easy to click on anything you like and order it. Consequently, we have to work that much harder to fight against the current of stuff flowing into our homes.

More clutter leads to more stuff. This may sound backward, but when you have a lot of stuff it’s hard to keep track of where things are. You’re never able to find what you need when you need it.

When there’s too much to keep track of, it feels easier to just buy a new pair of scissors rather than bothering to find the scissors lost in your clutter at home.

The root cause of clutter

The human desire for novelty also drives us to buy more. In truth, the anticipation of getting the thing we want is more pleasurable than actually having the item.

Once we get it, it loses its power, and then we’re led to want the next new thing. If we can intentionally focus on enjoying the things we have, we can curb that urge to buy more.

By refocusing our priorities, we can start to be happier with less. Placing too much attention on constantly acquiring more leaves us feeling generally dissatisfied. Don’t fall into the trap that society and consumerism create.

The root cause of clutter

Learning to live with less allows you to place more value on what you already have and will lead to feelings of abundance and gratitude.

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