How Does Fetch Rewards Work? Everything You Need to Know

How does Fetch Rewards work? Today, I'm going to show you how to use the Fetch Rewards app. This app allows you to earn gift cards and other rewards just by scanning your grocery receipts. I'm going to walk you through step-by-step exactly how to use the Fetch Rewards.

What is Fetch Rewards?

Essentially, you are awarded points just by scanning your grocery receipts. They also have specific offers within the app that allow you to earn additional points back. For example, they might highlight a product and say, get 100% points back when you buy this product.

Download the Fetch Rewards app

1. Download the app

The first thing you want to do is download the app. The icon looks like this. 

How to sign up for Fetch Rewards

2. Provide your name, email, and password

The next thing you're going to see looks like this. It's going to ask you for your name, your email address, and your password. 

Signing up for Fetch Rewards

3. Provide your birthday and gender

The next thing that you're going to see is a screen that looks like this that asks you for your birthday and your gender. 

Information for Fetch Rewards

4. Give your state and phone number

The next screen you see looks like this and it's going to ask you for your state and your phone number. The next screen that you see allows you to enter a referral code. 

Scanning receipts into Fetch Rewards

5. Scan receipts

Now that you've completed your sign-up, you should see a screen that looks like this. When I did this, I saw something that said to earn 750 points when you scan your first receipt. 

With Fetch Rewards, every 1000 points are equivalent to a dollar. So when you scan that first receipt, if you get that 750-point offer, you would be getting seventy-five cents. 

You can scan any receipt into the app, but grocery receipts will always give you points back, regardless of whether there is an offer on your receipt or not. 

Available offers on the Fetch Rewards app

6. Available offers

When you open the Fetch Rewards app, you will see a screen that looks similar to this. So here you see the offers that are available. In mine, it defaults to showing me the most recent offers.

You can also look by category. You can look at the offers that are available from the highest amount of money back, or you can look at the offers that are expiring. I like to look at the most recent first.

Fetch Rewards offers

Now, let's say I was interested in purchasing Afrin nasal spray. I can click on this and see additional information about the offer. It says this is valid from January 1 to January 31 and I would get 1500 points back. 1500 points would be $1.50 back.

All I have to do to get those points back would be to click on this little yellow camera here that will bring up a screen for me to take a picture of my receipt. 

How to redeem Fetch Rewards offers

If I purchased the Afrin nasal spray item and I checked out, I keep my receipt. I then open my Fetch Rewards app, click on the little yellow camera, take a picture of my receipt, submit it, and once I do that, it will give me my points back. 

Now I have scanned a receipt just to give you an example of what happens when you scan a receipt. Let's see what it tells me. 

Receipt uploading

First, it says my receipt is uploading, and then because I did not have any offers on this receipt, you can see that I got 25 points back just for submitting any receipt. Now, had the Afrin nasal spray been purchased on that receipt, you would have seen the 1500 points pop up. 

How to use the Fetch Rewards app

Now let's say that I had purchased Afrin on that receipt and it only gave me these 25 points. So it's missing the product that I purchased. If you see this little pencil over here in the top right-hand corner, I could click on that and I could say I actually bought that Afrin. I click on that and hit add an item. Then I say how many I bought. 

Fetch Rewards hack

Let's say I purchased one and it was $3. Then I set the price and then I would hit submit. I have had to do that on receipts in the past where I've purchased something and for some reason, the app didn't notice it. I did that process and typically within just a couple of hours, they awarded me credit for the item that was missed. 

This one says 100% points back. That means however much that item costs, I'm going to get that amount of money back in points. So 100% points back is essentially getting that item for free after the rebate. 

Recent activity on Fetch Rewards

7. Recent activity

You can also check your recent activity by clicking on Activity. It will show you the different receipts that you've submitted, when you submitted them, and how many points you've earned. 

How to cash out Fetch Rewards

9. How to cash out

Once you get to a higher amount of points and you're ready to cash out, you would click on Rewards. 

Choosing gift cards

There are some restaurants where you can cash out for gift cards. I'm going to go ahead and cash out to where I almost always cash out, which is CVS. I click Get My Reward. It then gives me a redemption code. I have to validate it and it says your reward is waiting for you. If I go to my reward I can see that that $5 CVS gift card was in fact awarded. 

How does Fetch Rewards work?

If I want to use that, I click on View Gift Card and it will pop up with a barcode that the cashier scans at checkout. So it’s a super, super easy app to use. 


How does Fetch Rewards work?

I hope this has been helpful in teaching you how to use the Fetch Rewards app and how to earn gift cards back on your grocery receipts. You can get the Fetch app on your device’s App Store. Once you’ve used the app let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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  • J J on Oct 26, 2022

    Can you link fetch to your store cards? I use Walmart pay and it doesn’t give paper receipts.

  • BoyMomX BoyMomX on Nov 09, 2022

    Can you upload things you buy online though? Things without a paper receipt? I do all my grocery shopping from Walmart online and get it delivered to my house.

    • Michele Skrintney Michele Skrintney on Mar 06, 2023

      You can link several different store accounts to Fetch. Walmart and Amazon are on the list and you just hit check e-receipts and it checks your linked accounts and gives you credit