This Cool, Minimalist Micro-Apartment Design is Just Outside Sydney

by Simplify

In an era of rising real estate costs, people around the globe are searching for affordable housing solutions⁠—especially in large cities such as Sydney, London, Paris, and New York.

The Boneca apartment in Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney shows how intelligent micro apartment design can transform the tiniest space into an urban paradise. This video gives a tour inside a Sydney micro apartment:

The video tour showcases the unique micro apartment interior design that makes this place so special. Originally, the apartment looked completely different. It has a small corridor, and a combined living/sleeping area.

The designers knocked down the internal walls, and then created a small sleeping area that could be set aside from the living area via a sliding screen.

The sliding screen helps designate the space by opening up the kitchen during the day and opening up the bedroom at night, while slatted wood allows light to seep through when the panel is being used to separate between the living and sleeping areas during the day.

A raised bed allows for underneath storage, while the full-length windows add light and create a sense of space.

The bathroom is behind a hidden door; there too, there is a sense of increased space created through light, this time from a full-length mirror. The kitchen includes a fridge, oven, narrow cutlery drawer, and little appliance cupboard.

Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney, Australia

Built as one of 40 studio apartments in the 1960s, this 258-square-foot is an example of the types of micro apartments Sydney has to offer.

Many of Sydney’s micro apartments come from old housing stock, like this one.

Micro apartment design

With increasing urbanization and rising real estate prices, transforming an old apartment into a contemporary micro apartment is, as architect Brad Schwarz, designer of the Boneca apartment explains, “one of the most sustainable ways we can continue to grow our cities”.

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