Everything in My 33-Piece Minimalist Winter Wardrobe

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Today, I'm going to be showing you my minimalist winter wardrobe. This capsule fall-and-winter wardrobe includes 33 pieces, including clothes and shoes. I've really condensed my wardrobe down and I feel great about it.

I love fashion; it's a great way to express myself and be creative. However, I've really shifted my mindset in recent years about my purchases. Now I don't buy cheap clothes that don't last, I prefer to spend more on quality items that last a long time.

My clothing philosophy

I love this capsule winter wardrobe. My favorite pieces were thrifted, but you can’t always find exactly what you are looking for at thrift stores, so I like to find pieces from small businesses that will, hopefully, last for many years.

As much as I love fashion, I don’t want my life to be consumed by trying to get the next fashion piece, or fit this trend, or look a certain way. I’ve been trying to be minimalist, intentional, and content with what I have.

Journaling outfits every day

I’ve been journaling recently. I write what I wear each day, so I know, at the end of the season, what I actually wore and what I can declutter.

This is my 33-item minimalist winter wardrobe:


I have three blouses.

OZMA blouse made of silk noil

This is from the brand OZMA. I used my birthday money and bought it for myself. It’s 100% silk noil, which is the excess fibers from making silk. Surprisingly, even though it’s a thin fabric, it’s warm. I love the neckline and how feminine it looks.

Thrifted blouse

This is the weirdest piece in my wardrobe. It’s one that I thrifted. I don't know why I love it. Maybe, you think it's hideous, but I think it's so cool, with these colors and patterns.

Simple white blouse

This next blouse is just a simple white blouse that I thrifted. It looks vintage and it's very comfortable.

100% cotton turtlenecks


I like wearing turtlenecks in the winter. I have three 100% cotton, secondhand turtlenecks that are white, black, and gray. I like to layer these underneath dresses or sweaters.

Thrifted leggings


I have one pair of thrifted leggings. I wore these throughout my pregnancy, because of their high waist. I like to wear them under skirts or pants in the winter.

Black Levi jeans

I thrifted these jeans and I wear them every other day. They look really good with anything. Good solid pair of Levis.

Everlane wide-leg jeans

Next are the true and faithful Everlane wide-leg jeans. These guys are awesome. They are high-waisted and they look super flattering. I love the navy color. 

Elastic-waist, linen pants

Next is a pair of elastic-waist, linen pants that I thrifted. I like a pair of cozy pants in my wardrobe.


I’m wearing a linen cotton-blend skirt that I thrifted. It looks good with these warm tops and my beige turtleneck. When it gets a little colder, I’ll probably wear it with my leggings underneath. You can get a lot of cute outfits out of it. 

Plain black skirt

This next skirt is just a plain black one. It’s a good length for me.

Capsule winter wardrobe


This is the old, good, and faithful, OddBird loungewear set. It is 100% cotton and honestly, this is the comfiest thing I’ve ever owned. It feels like you are wearing butter. It’s so soft and cozy.

It’s loungewear, but I wear it out all the time and I don't really care. It is my favorite color. The pants are super high-waisted, so they’re great for crop tops.

Minimalist winter capsule wardrobe

This next piece, I thrifted. It is linen, and oversized, and I like its wooden buttons. It looks really good with my beige pants.


I have three sweaters. 

Thin long-sleeve sweater

This one has long sleeves. It’s thinner than the other ones, but I love this color, and it fits me perfectly. It’s Old Navy and the material isn’t the best, but it’s something I want to use up and then just replace it when it falls apart.

Thick cotton sweater

This sweater is from Tradlands. I like their brand. I found this at a secondhand shop for $50; they are usually around $200. It is cotton and very thick, and it looks really good with my black Levi’s and black boots.

Oversized sweater

My last sweater is this oversized one with a cheetah print. When I’m cold, I just want to put on a big sweater and not think twice about it. That’s what this is for.


I have two dresses.

Minimalist winter wardrobe checklist

This dress is one of my favorite thrift finds. I like the quarter sleeve and wrap top, and it looks pretty and feminine. I’ve worn this in a lot of photoshoots. 

Gingham dress

I also have this beautiful, thrifted, gingham-pattern dress. It is lightweight, modest, and really comfortable. You can button it up or down if you want more neckline. I love these puff sleeves.

Capsule wardrobe essentials for winter


I wear this white one over a dress or high-waisted pants. It reminds me of the 1920s. I just love it.

Cozy grandpa sweater for winter

I deem this jacket my grandpa sweater. I thrifted it and I wear it all the time. I really like long layers.

Staple down jacket for winter

This next jacket is a staple down jacket, from Calvin Klein. It’s perfect for California winters and I have a pouch upstairs that it fits into for traveling. 

Thrifted coat for winter

Lastly, is this thrifted, warm, thick navy blue jacket. 


I have nine pairs of shoes in this capsule wardrobe.

Long Hunter boots

First are these Hunter boots for rainy days. It doesn't rain a ton during California winters, but it does rain. 

Doc Marten boots

The next boots are my Doc Martens that I thrifted. You guys, I love these shoes. I basically wear them every day in the winter. 

Cute leather booties

These comfortable and cute leather boots are from the brand Madewell. I bought them used two winters ago. 

Transitional shoes for fall and winter

These next shoes are my Sabahs. They are leather and super comfortable. Definitely an investment, but something I’ve wanted for a really long time. I’m going to use these as transitional shoes, as the weather changes.

White sneakers

These next shoes are my white Adidas that I wear when I want an athletic vibe. 

Madewell leather booties

These are my Madewell booties. The leather is really soft. They are slightly fancy, with a little heel, but not overly fancy and uncomfortable. 

Dolce Vita slippers in brown suede

These are Dolce Vita slippers. They are brown suede and look good with my linen pants.

Steve Madden lace-up boots

I’m wearing out these Steve Madden boots. They were a gift from my mom ten years ago, and they're still holding up. I’m going to wear them until they fall apart.

Heeled burgundy boots

I bought these heeled burgundy boots secondhand three or four years ago. If I don't wear them enough this season, I’ll probably declutter them.

Minimalist winter wardrobe

What outfits are in your capsule winter wardrobe? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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