How to Build a Minimalist & Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

Kat Thinks and Codes
by Kat Thinks and Codes

Today I want to talk about how we can build a sustainable capsule wardrobe for girls or women that will last a long time and serve you in any situation. I'll share my top three tips that I personally use to choose pieces that will last for a long time, and that will fit me well.

I have a lot of looks, colors, and combination pieces you can use as inspiration for building your own wardrobe.

1. Look closely at the fabric of the pieces you're buying

There are quite a few fabrics out there that are artificial and not so breathable on your body, as well as not sustainably made. For instance, polyester is one of those. If you take a look, it's added pretty much everywhere, but it's really not that great for your skin, and it also doesn't last so well.

I think about it this way. If you are in 40-degree Celsius weather and wearing a polyester piece, I feel like your skin is locked, and you are not breathing and not enjoying the air. It's hard to explain, but you will know what I mean if that situation ever happens to you. So, in terms of choosing fabrics, I would really recommend looking at durable, breathable fabrics.

My minimalist and sustainable wardrobe

For the summer, the perfect fabric is linen. 

Linen is so durable, it's washable, and it's so breathable on your body. You can wear it in incredible heat, and it still is not going to feel like your body is squeezed into something and can't breathe. 

Another great fabric to take a look at is cotton. Cotton is excellent on your skin. What I like to do is to wear cotton shirts or T-shirts under a warm sweater. I feel like in the winter; it just adds a nice layer.

At the same time, if you're hot and you're sweating, it's not constraining you. It doesn't feel like it's artificial. It's just lovely and smooth on your skin. Cotton is a very durable, very natural fabric. 

Minimalist wardrobe essentials

For winter specifically, I also like picking up something made out of wool. 

I find that it's incredibly warm, incredibly soft, and just nice on your skin. There are also other great options, like cashmere or silk, but they are a bit more expensive. I just don't think it's worth investing in them unless you can afford it. So if you can afford a nice cashmere sweater, go for it, but there are also cheaper alternatives, like wool clothes. 

So look for fabrics that are more durable. They will last longer, and most of the time, these are natural fabrics like linen, cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, and all the fabrics that feel really nice on your skin. 

2. Trends vs. something that fits you well

Many trends come up every year, and I think it's nice to be fashionable and sort of on the same wave as your friends or colleagues and show good taste. I also think that the vital part of good taste is choosing what actually fits you. 

Some things to look at are your body shape. What parts of the body would you like to highlight? What maybe you would like to conceal a bit? Playing with these shapes and the type of clothes that fit can be very beneficial for how you present yourself and look.

Also, knowing what pieces fit your body type or make you feel good would help you build the basis of your wardrobe, the foundation on which you can then expand. 

How to build a sustainable wardrobe

This foundation will provide you with the pieces that consistently work for you. 

The base wardrobe that always works for you independently of the trends that are out there. You will always look tasteful, well dressed, and just comfortable, being comfortable in your body and in your skin. 

3. Choose the color palette that works for you and use it as a base for your wardrobe

I think colors are very important to highlight our looks, our skin, and our complexion. If the color plays well with you, it elevates your whole look. I have a bit more pale skin, so I tend to have a pale face.

The colors that really work out well with my pale skin are soft, creamy colors, white colors, and black colors. Even black colors are, for me, more on the edge, I find. 

Choosing a complementary palette

Soft pink or soft brown, soft blue, all of these softer colors, I feel like they compliment my skin and my complexion. 

I try to build my wardrobe within those colors. It doesn't mean that I don't have brighter staple pieces. I do have a few, but the primary palette I choose my clothes from is the soft colors that complement my skin. 

Also, what helps me is to combine different pieces within my wardrobe. So if you have a lot of warmer color pieces, they usually work out together. 

How to build a sustainable capsule wardrobe

I would also encourage you to experiment. 

It's not always easy to find what works for you. Sometimes it's on the first pick, and sometimes you have to have a few unfortunate pieces until you find what works hard for your body shape, skin color, and so on. 

How to build a sustainable capsule wardrobe

I hope that my tips will help you to build a sustainable capsule wardrobe. One where you'll have all the pieces that work for you and that last for a long time.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below if you have found any additional tips or tricks that have helped you to build your minimalist wardrobe.

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