5 Easy Ways to Stop Your Capsule Wardrobe From Being Boring

I've been trying to minimize my closet and discovered my capsule wardrobe is boring. In the beginning stages of building my wardrobe, I researched a lot for inspiration, and most of the capsules I saw online were either all-neutral or monochromatic.

I modeled mine on what I saw and tried limiting myself to basics and neutrals.

Capsule wardrobe

I will say there are so many benefits to having this type of capsule wardrobe.

It's really easy to get dressed in the morning and also really easy to style outfits together. However, I did notice that I would quickly get tired of seeing myself in the same outfits on repeat day after day, and I just knew that it wasn't sustainable for the long term.

So today, I thought I would share with you guys how I could adjust my capsule wardrobe and add more variety to it so we can make our outfits exciting again.

Having a wide range of basics is key to building a capsule wardrobe. However, I feel like I got carried away and got rid of all my pieces except for the basics. This might be why I felt my outfits were too simple, essential, and boring.

Capsule wardrobe outfit

1. Add a handful of accent pieces

So, to add more personality to our capsules, I think having a handful of those unique pieces, maybe with prints or color or texture that can complement our neutrals and basics in our capsule, is essential.


I have a lot of denim shorts and bottoms in general that are very neutral, so I try to be strategic with my tops by adding brighter colors and prints to add more character to my outfits.

For you, it's graphic tees or unique cuts, maybe cool shoes, or whatever it might be. Having a handful of those to mix and match with our basics is an excellent way to add more interest to our outfits.

Layered necklaces

2. Add fun jewelry

I dress casually 99% of the time, and it's just what I feel the most comfortable in and like myself in.

I have worn more jewelry to add color, texture, or exciting shapes to my outfit. I noticed that it's the little details that count and that can enhance our outfits.

Capsule wardrobe outfits

3. Create more looks with accessories

It is so much harder to style in the warmer months. Usually, because it's so hot, I wear a top and a bottom, and I'm limited in the number of items I can wear, the fabrics, the cuts, and even the texture and color.

So it is more challenging. So, another way I can elevate my outfit is to have the right accessories to pull my outfits together. I noticed that just by adding a belt to my outfit, finishing the outfit with a hat, or even adding a scarf to my hair or my bag, it instantly makes me look more put together even if I am wearing the same clothes.

When I look for accessories, I try to look for ones I can wear with most of my capsules because I still want to keep them streamlined and clutter-free.

We don't need a lot, just a select few pieces that can complement our capsule wardrobe.

Capsule wardrobe outfit

4. Do more with less

I have learned that having more clothes in our closet doesn't necessarily mean we will have more outfits because, with a capsule, you have those very select few, and every piece has a purpose.

I feel that we can learn to wear it in many different ways and create more outfits just by rolling up my denim or layering different textures and colors together or maybe even learning how to tuck in my shirts in different ways.

It can create completely different looks to the same clothes that we have, and it's an effortless and cost-effective way to play around with our capsule; make it a little bit more interesting.

Capsule wardrobe pieces

5. Edit your capsule

Sometimes, we might get bored of our capsule because maybe we don't have the right pieces or because we don't have enough pieces. This is true even if we have built the perfect capsule because things constantly change.

During the two-month road trip earlier this year, I tried a 20-piece capsule wardrobe, which didn't work. First, keeping up with the amount of laundry was impossible because every piece would be in rotation.

And as I mentioned, I got sick of seeing myself in the same outfits daily, and it just didn't feel fun anymore.

So, when I got home, I reassessed my capsule to reflect my personality and lifestyle and gave myself a little bit more room to be flexible with my outfits.

Of course, I went back to my wish list and wrote down the things I wished I had so that I could purchase them later.

Also, I have a storage system where I can keep my maybe items. Once in a while, I'll take a peek into that box and see if I still want to keep that item, get rid of it, or sell it, but it just gives me some time to think about it.

How to stop your capsule wardrobe from being boring

Because we are slowing down on our shopping and reducing our budget for our clothing, that doesn't mean we have to stop loving fashion and dressing up.

This is not the case for me. I feel my best when I look my best, but with a capsule wardrobe, it takes more creativity, and we can work with what we already have.

If you find your capsule wardrobe boring, try a few of my suggestions to add excitement to your wardrobe. What tips do you have to keep your capsule wardrobe interesting? Share in the comments below.

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  • Angeline Gullo Angeline Gullo on Feb 26, 2024
    I'm surprised "Scarves" were not mentioned here. Even if it's just tied off to one's purse strap, for use later as a Hair Tie perhaps, Scarves add so much to an outfit.
  • Cyn Cyn on Feb 26, 2024
    I like your style and how you think about your clothing options...it really helps when you look so good in anything you choose. I'm not that lucky, but you do have some interesting ideas. I'd like to see more.