How to Declutter Your Home Using Tips From a Professional

by Simplify

Christine has been struggling with organizing certain areas of her home, particularly her bathroom counter. Despite not having a large number of products, they always end up scattered across the counter, making it look messy. She realizes that she is the main cause of the clutter since her husband, Dave, only has a toothbrush on the counter.

In an effort to be more organized, Christine, the Frugal Fit Mom, decides to follow the tips of her friend Cass from Clutterbug, who specializes in organizing for messy people.

Christine starts by using a bin from Walmart, which she measures to fit her bathroom drawer. She plans to place all her daily-use items in the bin, ensuring a clean counter at all times. Her previous attempt to organize the drawer with clear acrylic dividers, inspired by Pinterest, was unsuccessful.

With the bin ready, Christine begins the process by placing all her daily-use items inside it. She then opens the drawer and decides to discard unnecessary items.

Christine's next task is decluttering her belongings using Cass's 21-item toss method. She selects 21 items, mostly clothes, to donate or throw away.

Messy bathroom

Continuing with the decluttering, Christine moves to her kitchen. She talks about Cass's advice to keep the countertops clear and reallocates rarely used items to the basement. She shares her personal experience of relocating her toaster to a cabinet and how it instantly made her kitchen look more organized.

Christine concludes by providing an update on the success of her organization efforts. The get-ready bin in the bathroom has transformed her morning routine and allowed her to focus on deep cleaning instead of constant tidying up. She also plans to continue decluttering by finding another 21 items to remove from her home.

Overall, Christine is excited about the positive changes she has experienced through implementing Cass's organizing tips and looks forward to further improving the organization in her home.

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  • Dhorton Dhorton on Jun 18, 2023

    I moved from a 3 bedrm / 2.5 bth to a studio apartment. I was constantly struggling with disorganization to the point of becoming overwhelmed & depressed. My problem was psychological: holding onto the past for various reasons. So, I solicited the help of a friend/colleague who's a mental health therapist. We spent 2 weekends filling construction bags. I almost lost my sanity! But, afterwards my life was changed! Now, she does a check-in to keep me on track 🙂👌🏤

  • Jody Gawboy Jody Gawboy on Jun 18, 2023

    Yes I'll try it! For my bedroom bed table tops.