7 Organizing Products for Your Home I Use as a Professional Organizer

I will be talking about my top organizing products for your home. I am a professional organizer and have my own organizing company. I am good at selecting products that will be functional, practical, durable, and quality items. I'm not paying as much attention to the price as I am to the quality.

I will share the organizing products I currently use in my home. These are the same products I bring my clients home if it makes sense for the spaces I'm organizing.

How to use honeycomb dividers

1. Honeycomb dividers

Item number one is honeycomb dividers. These are my absolute favorites, my absolute gotos when organizing bedroom drawers, closets, and things like that.

They typically come in a set of 8 or 16, and I always get mine from Amazon. However, you can get something similar at the Container Store. I also see some Walmarts have items like this.

Whenever I'm organizing drawers, socks, underwear, baby socks, baby bibs, onesies, and things like that, where you don't want to focus on folding stuff, but you want it to have a little bit of order and be accessible and functional; Honeycomb dividers are going to be your best friend. I also have used them for men's ties. 

I use mine for my sports bras, socks, and underwear. I feel it's important to mention the affordability of the honeycomb dividers; they are pretty cheap when you're thinking about buying organizing products.

You need to buy one or two, depending on the amount of stuff you have. One to two sets of those honeycomb dividers will run you about $12-15, which I think is relatively cheap when you're thinking about adding order to your bedroom drawers or just whatever you're trying to organize in your closet. 

Multipurpose bins for organizing

2. Multipurpose bins

I get mine from The Container Store, although I have seen other stores like Walmart and Ikea offer something very similar. You can get small, medium, large, extra large, and a whole bunch of different colors. 

A multi-purpose bin is the proper name for these bins because you can put them anywhere. I have used them in laundry rooms. I have used them to organize under the sinks. I have used them in my home, deep freezer, or freezer. I have one of the pull-out freezers. 

I've put them in kids' toy rooms or play rooms. The multipurpose bins are phenomenal and they're very practically priced.

You're not going to break the bank trying to add order if you're using these multipurpose bins, which is another reason why it's a no-brainer buy for me when I'm organizing for my home and even for my client's home. 

3. Adjustable drawer organizers

I organize my bed storage and my drawers with adjustable drawer organizers.  

They adjust to the depth of wherever you're putting them. They come in a wide array of different sizes, colors, dimensions, and heights. You can use something very similar to organize your drawers in your kitchen. They have adjustable bamboo organizers that look a little bit more streamlined and a little bit fancier.

Adjustable drawer organizers will be your best friend to add a little more order to your space.

Again, I use them in my client spaces and my home, and they can go in any space in your home. You can use them in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or wherever you have some drawers that need a little bit of order.

You can find them relatively cheap on places like Amazon, where you can get an entire box of eight adjustable organizers for $40, which will go a long way if you are trying to add a little bit of order to your drawers. 

Shoe space saver

4. Shoe space saver

This is something that's going to help you maximize space wherever you're trying to store shoes. It is a shoe space saver.

Typically when you're putting your shoe side by side, it takes up a little bit more space. This allows you to stack your shoes, and it's adjustable. It can work for heels, ankle boots, and tennis shoes.  

Over-the-door cabinet organizer

5. Over-the-door cabinet organizer

Product number five is all about maximizing your vertical space. I use an over-the-door cabinet organizer. You could use this as a small little trash bag that goes on the inside of your seat for droppings or trash pieces that are small that you can toss in here.

I use mine for all of my grocery bags. I keep them all stuffed here, and they all have a dedicated space to be in. 

This goes on the back of the cabinet door, and they're relatively inexpensive.  

Organizing products for your home

6. Storage basket

I like these. They're durable, come in multiple sizes, and have different looks. They're so perfect for functionality, practicality, and accessibility. I use them in my kitchen. I've used these in client linen closets and their bathrooms. 

7. Label maker

The last thing I recommend is a label maker. It doesn't matter which one you get, but you need a label maker. I think label makers make it so much easier for you to have longer-lasting systems because you are labeling things, and it's making it easier for everybody utilizing the space to keep up with the system. If a basket says tops or T-shirts, the only thing that should go in that basket is T-shirts. So we're not putting in work blouses. We're not putting in workout shirts. We're storing T-shirts. 

Labels make it easier for you to maintain the space and for other people to maintain the space. That's how you can create longer-lasting systems. I use labels on every project I'm doing for clients. 

Organizing products for your home

I hope you found these organizing products for your home that I recommend as a professional organizer helpful. These are the same products I'm using in my home that I put in my clients' homes. What are your favorite organizing products for your home? Share in the comments below!

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