7 Important Decluttering Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

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Decluttering may be hard, especially in the beginning. Christine from Frugal Fit Mom talks about what not to do when decluttering if you want the process to be intuitive, pleasant, and fruitful.

1. Trying to do too much at once

In the list of decluttering mistakes to avoid, the most important one is trying to touch every item and throw out everything at once. This only makes you overwhelmed and less productive.

2. Rearranging it multiple times

Christine suggests the “touch it once” principle. If you decide to move an item because it does not belong, take the time to move it to its final location, not a temporary one. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time by relocating the item several times. Christine keeps a donation bin in her garage and takes it out as soon as it is full.

3. Following the minimalist trend

Being a minimalist is not for everyone. Do not do it for the trend, only do it if it truly fits your lifestyle and your worldview.

4. Being sentimental about clutter

It is hard to let some things go, but being sentimental about things can ruin your progress. Think hard about if the reasons for your attachment are worth it.

5. Buying without a plan

Impulse purchasing is not a step in the process of decluttering. If you want decluttering to be easy, do not buy things you do not need spontaneously, as it only makes your house more cluttered.

House clutter

6. Looking for universal solutions

Everyone is different, and everyone’s way of being minimalist is different. Just go with your own priorities.

7. Valuing things not people

The final principle is to value people over things. In the end, all that stuff does not matter, what matters is your connections with your loved ones.

Hopefully, Christine’s list of decluttering mistakes will help you declutter your own house. Good luck and share how it goes in the comments!

Decluttering mistakes

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    How can I confront a person who is very minimal in decorating and tells others about how she sees my style?