Minimalist Kitchen Tour & Decluttering

by Delala

I'm giving you a tour of my minimalist kitchen. I am a minimalist but also a cooking enthusiast. I spend at least two hours a day in this kitchen, which is not extremely minimal because we like to cook many different meals that you need a lot of equipment to make.

Everything in this kitchen has been in the same place for three years. I realized that we really changed the way we are eating, so this setup doesn't serve our habits anymore, at least not in the way it's used.

I'll give you a quick tour of my kitchen before decluttering so you have an idea of how it used to be, and then after the rearranging, I will review the new setup.

Our minimalist kitchen design

Our kitchen has mostly drawers and very few shelves, which I believe is fashionable at the moment. I prefer shelves instead of drawers because I think storing your items on shelves is more manageable, and the drawers get super dusty.

Decluttered countertops

We try to keep the countertops as clear as possible, but there are a few things that we use every single day that we keep on top of the countertops. 

On the left corner, we have our juicer, which we use every single morning to make celery juice. We have a double sink with a big one and a small one, and it's super handy.

On the windowsill, we keep some hand soap. We also keep a bowl of water for the cat. We always have some cacti and succulents in the kitchen, and we also always try to grow something edible in our kitchen.

Growing herbs on the windowsill

At the moment, we have peppermint and sprouts. In summer, we also usually have some basil and some chives. 

We don't always grow the same things in our kitchen. On the other side, we have a fruit bowl. This one is made from a beautiful piece of wood, and I think it complements the kitchen. We also have this other bowl because our fruit never fits in just one bowl.  

On the wall, we have a line that we use for drying our dishcloth, our dish brush, and sponge. Next to that is our stovetop. On top of the extractor hood, we have a plant, and it hangs down the side.

I love having such a green kitchen. It really makes the kitchen feel alive. The kitchen is really the heart of our home. I love spending time here.

Corner of the kitchen

Next to the door, we have a little corner where we have our kitchen towels. 

We have a calendar hanging on the wall. On the ground, there is a very big plant, and we also have a stool. 

We also have a little box with letters that we need to deal with and chargers, kind of a catch-all area. We have a tissue box over here and some paper and a pen to make grocery lists, and we also have our tray here on the side because it's a little big to fit in any of the cabinets.

Kitchen appliances in drawers

We have some technical appliances in the lowest drawer. 

Underneath the sink, we have our recycling or trash. The dishwashing rag and cleaning supplies are next to that. We have our plates, and we've got frying pans in different sizes. We got one wok with two lids, a beautiful cast iron Dutch oven, and a black pan which I completely forgot we had. We also have various sizes of pans for different things.

Underneath the stove top, we have the utensils we use every single day. Below that, we have our pans which we use most while cooking. In the lowest row, we have some food backups, and next to that, we have a spice rack.

On this side of the kitchen, we have our espresso machine, our watering can, and our fridge, and we also have a little drawer below the fridge. We have two cabinets with our cups and glasses. 

My minimalist kitchen after decluttering

Decluttering a kitchen

Here is everything that I am moving out of my kitchen.

I have baking tins that I'm going to get rid of because I never use them, so they can go. My grill and toaster will also go because we no longer eat bread. These were taking up quite a lot of space in my kitchen cabinets which I now can use more efficiently.

I will probably store them in my attic since I'm not sure how long we're going to be able to follow this new way of eating.

Here on the left side of the kitchen, the top two drawers stayed the same, but the bottom drawer now has plastic bags, tote bags, garbage bags, and things like that. I didn't change anything underneath the sink, but next to that, I changed a lot in the top drawer.

Organizing things in a kitchen

We now have our teas, coffee, spreads, honey, and things like that. 

In the drawer below that, we keep our bowls and our breakfast supplies like oatmeal and walnuts, and in the lowest drawer, we have our big bowls, a measuring cup, and a grater.  

On the other side of the kitchen, we now have our plates in the top drawer. In the lowest drawer underneath the fridge, I'm keeping my baking supplies and my electrical appliances like the mixer and stuff.

Decluttered minimalist kitchen

While my kitchen isn't a completely minimalist kitchen, everything in it serves us, and I like to keep it decluttered. What are your tips for how to declutter the kitchen? Share what you've done in the comments below.

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