What is Clutter? How to Know Whether Something is Clutter or Not

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Today, holistic and clutter-free spaces expert, Mia Danielle, is answering the age-old question, “What is clutter?” Because according to her, discovering what is considered clutter will help as you complete a decluttering project of your own.

Mia says that she recommends using the four D’s whenever you’re trying to decide if something is clutter or if it actually does belong in a space.

The first D stands for “Don’t Use.” Basically, any item in your home that you don’t wear, use, or enjoy in some way is potentially clutter. So, what your clutter is trying to tell you, in this case, is that it no longer gives value to you, and it’s time to get rid of that item now.

The second D that helps you learn how to get rid of clutter fast stands for “Duplicates.” If you own more than one of something, you can easily let go of a duplicate item without feeling any emotional need to keep it.

How to declutter your home

The third D Mia recommends using stands for “Dislike.” She says that when you own something you dislike, you tend to not use it anymore anyways, so you may as well get rid of it. This is especially true if you don’t like it because it doesn’t function well.

Lastly, while learning how to declutter your home, Mia says to look for anything that falls under the fourth D which stands for “Damaged.” She says you should never hold onto things that are broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged to the point where they’re no longer functional.

What is clutter?

By using the four D’s, you can decide what is clutter and what is not clutter in your home. The four D’s help you simplify the process, get down to the basics and stop overthinking everything so you can complete your project.

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