10 Ways to Create a Minimalist Home & Streamline Clutter

by Simplify

The way our environment looks shapes how we feel and how we live. This is why it is so important for our home to be visually pleasing. Elin from Slice Of Light shares her 10 tips for creating a beautiful minimalist home.

1. Use big furniture pieces to make a style statement. Instead of wasting money on tons of trinkets, invest in your bed, sofa, and table. Those are the things that truly define your space.

2. Remove or move furniture. The less furniture you have, the more airy and free you will feel. Only keep the items that you use.

3. Declutter trinkets. You do not have to get rid of everything, but be mindful about what you put on display. Elin suggests making sure that at least half of every surface you have is clear.

4. Minimize conflicting colors, as well as bold colors in general. Try deciding on three base colors for each space. That being said, rules are meant to be broken (thoughtfully and intentionally).

5. Minimize conflicting styles. Make sure you have a clear vision for your minimalist home design and if you combine styles, mix them well.

Storage boxes for a minimalist home

6. Find easy storage spots for everyday items. Instead of keeping those out, try finding a good spot to store them, and that will reduce your visual clutter significantly.

7. Limit what you put on walls. What you display represents you and sets your mood, so choose it well.

8. Keep your space clean. Regularly scrubbing and dusting can go a long way.

9. Hide your cords and electronics. If you cannot completely remove the cords, at least move them away from the visual center of the room.

10. Tidy as you go. Do not let the clutter build up, try to integrate cleanup into your everyday routine.

Hopefully, you found these minimalist house decorating tips useful. Have fun designing your house!

Minimalist home

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