How to Achieve Financial Freedom & Retire Early as a Millionaire

by Simplify

Money maven and popular vlogger, Frankie Calkins from The Money Resolution, insists that ordinary people just like you can do extraordinary things, even retire early with a million dollars.

He is so confident in the financial freedom path he’s developed that he now teaches others how to achieve financial freedom through a series of extremely low-risk and very high-reward strategies.

While learning how to retire early with a million dollars does require a mindset shift, Frankie says it doesn’t mean that you have to completely change your lifestyle in order to do it. In fact, he has been personally living and breathing everything he espouses since he first learned how to gain financial freedom on his own.

Okay, but how can I retire early with a million dollars?

Frankie says the formula for retiring early as an ordinary person with a million dollars in assets is as follows:

  1. Don’t look the part
  2. Have a long-term horizon and set goals
  3. Be an optimist and believe in yourself
  4. Invest early and often for compound interest
  5. Change jobs and diversify your income
  6. Live below your means and invest the difference
  7. Save and invest half of your income
How to achieve financial freedom

What is financial freedom? Frankie says it’s all about having the willpower not to splurge and spend on fancy things now so you can enjoy early retirement with a million dollars later on.

Financially independent people rarely dress or live like extravagant millionaires. Instead, they focus on the long-term, set goals, work hard, invest early and often, and save half the income they earn from a variety of different sources.

How to achieve financial freedom

Learning how to achieve financial freedom isn’t just for people who’ve been born with every advantage despite what others may tell you. Anyone can learn how to achieve financial freedom for themselves by using Frankie’s seven proven strategies.

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