How to Manifest a Salary Increase: The Toolset You Need

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by Single Mom Money

In 2017, I was a single mom and very unhappy with my job. Then I committed for 30 days to manifesting for a job that would pay me more and have a better environment. Since then, I have tripled my 2017 salary. Today I want to explain how to manifest salary increases and share my experience.

What is manifesting?

First off, why is manifestation powerful? For me the most powerful part is scripting. It continually reiterates to me the thing that I am creating. People often set great goals, but barely revisit them, and in that case, it is hard to mentally connect with the thing that you want to accomplish.

For me, scripting out the life I wanted, and revisiting it regularly, made it really potent. Moreover, manifesting made me feel like this could be my reality, and allowed me to want and expect more. I started creating that better version of myself in my mind, and that is where all change starts.

Journaling and manifesting


Let's talk about my actual tools. The first step to manifesting is to get a dedicated toolset. For me, it was my journal and my pen.

Many people believe in cleansing their tools, and I do, too. When I go into my journaling, I pray over my journal and my pen. This helped me ground these things as my “new life” things. There are other ways to cleanse your tools, so you can find something that suits you specifically.

I also do not write anything about my current life in there, like grocery lists. This journal is dedicated entirely to my new life.

Another crucial thing for me was building a habit. I journaled every single day for 30 days, even if it was just a sentence, to be moving in the direction of what I wanted.


Scripting itself is writing out the life you want as if it is a movie, and you are the main character.

You could either do it in the third person, as a narrative, like “Danielle wakes up in her beautiful house”, or first person, which I personally prefer. The “I am” statements helped me embody what I wanted because I did not really feel like I could do what I was writing, so I was reprogramming myself to believe it.

How to manifest a salary increase

How to manifest a salary increase

It is important to be specific, but not box yourself into a certain salary. Always leave room for more. For example, write “I have a base salary of x, and get compensated extra on top of that”. There are things that you might not even think of, like a monthly bonus, so leave yourself room to get even more.

Furthermore, you have to challenge your limiting beliefs. One of my ways is to do the exact thing that I think is the limit.

I love applying to jobs that I am afraid of and do not feel qualified for. 60% of the time I have gotten calls back. This made me realize that those limits did not exist outside of my mind. Make sure when you are manifesting that you do not have a limit that is creating a blockage inside of you as well.

Preparing to receive

Another exercise that I did was about preparing to receive my new life. You have to start bringing it into your reality by acting as if you already have it. Get the interview outfit, apply for jobs, and create budgets based on that higher salary.

For example, I went on LinkedIn and posted that I was an expert in this field because I was truly becoming an expert by studying the industry on my own time. First, you have to truly become the expert or the leader, and then people recognize that and you get the title or money that goes along with it.

Gratitude journal

Gratitude & giving

Another big thing is giving and receiving, and to me, this goes hand in hand with gratitude. Giving gets me in a good emotional state, just like scripting, but apart from that, when you give without expecting to receive, it creates momentum.

For me, giving and receiving are on the same spectrum, so giving with a pure heart and finding ways to help others by giving up just a little bit of your time or money creates energy that says to the outside world that you are also ready to receive.

Be ready to receive

In addition to that, you have to actually be ready to receive things. If you cannot receive a thank you or a gift, for example, I think it is going to be hard for you to manifest the things that you want. You have to open that portal within you to get higher, greater, better things. I found that the more I started giving, the more I became a grateful receiver as well.

Things just bloomed for me from there. I still get money or prizes that come as a surprise even for me, and I really feel like it is because the universe knows that I am open to receiving them. Being a good giver and a good receiver, and then having gratitude about where you are and about being able to give, does wonders.

How to manifest a salary increase

This is also the reason why I love sharing my stories with you all. Now you know about the core exercises that I did to manifest my salary that helped me triple it. Even when I was unemployed, just sticking to manifesting helped me get through it.

I really hope that you will try it out too and that my manifestation techniques will prove helpful to you as well. What do you want to manifest first? Let me know in the comments!

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