10 IKEA Hidden Gems You Didn't Know Existed

by Simplify

Do you find IKEA trips overwhelming? We totally get that. There's just so much that it can be hard to know what's actually a good product that's worth the money. Fear not, though! Kristen McGowan recently went to IKEA and uncovered numerous lesser-known, yet amazing finds in the maze. Her explorations will help you to figure out what's worth it and avoid getting lost in the IKEA labyrinth.

Optimizing Storage Space

The IKEA shoe organizer caught Kristen's eye, proving to be an excellent solution for those tight on space. This adjustable shoe rack accommodates various shoe sizes while efficiently using vertical space, all for a mere $3.50.

Creating Workspace in Small Homes

For those working from home with limited space, Kristen found a versatile wall-mounted desk. Nestled in the dining room section, this narrow, foldable desk doubles as a dining space, taking up minimal room and offering multiple mounting options.

Wall-mounted desk

Revitalizing Self-care Routine

The bathroom section revealed a self-care product line. Items like a sage eye mask, hair wraps, and a luxurious robe aid in enhancing one's wellness routine. Kristen mentioned her partnership with BetterHelp, an online therapy service, emphasizing the importance of mental well-being in addition to physical self-care.

Tech Gadgets for Modern Homes

The collaboration between IKEA and Sonos on a wireless bookshelf speaker provides a tech-savvy, yet stylish solution to home audio. Moreover, IKEA's hanging waterproof shower speaker can make showers or pool parties more entertaining.

Outdoor Comfort Essentials

Among Kristen's finds was a portable lounger, perfect for beach trips or park visits. This innovation combines the comfort of a lawn chair with the portability of a blanket, even including storage for snacks and essentials.

Outdoor lounge furniture

Home Utilities and Decor

The mini ironing board, the timeless candle snuffer, and waterproof mattress protectors were other standout items on Kristen's list. Each adding a unique touch of utility, elegance, or practicality to home living.

Adventures in Tech and Decorative Storage

Kristen's final picks included color-changing light bulbs with wireless dimmers, offering a luxurious and customizable ambiance at home, and a set of decorative storage boxes, perfect for keeping things tidy.

IKEA furniture makes for a luxurious yet comfortable atmosphere


Overall, Kristen's journey through IKEA presented a myriad of hidden gems that add convenience, elegance, and versatility to home and lifestyle. Her adventure serves as a valuable guide for those planning their next IKEA visit. Let us know what you're getting on your next IKEA trip!

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