3 Ways to Get Things Cheaper on Amazon

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Today I have another post from Jon at The Money Shed, as his money saving and making blogs, like this one about how to make money online, are always popular. If you have any questions, leave a comment and Jon will get back to you.

There’s no doubt that online shopping is KING when it comes buying the products you want. There’s also no question that Amazon is the go to website for many people looking to buy things. With over 90% of UK Shoppers now using Amazon I don’t see things going back to how they used to be anymore!

I still remember in the late 90s when Amazon first appeared and had nothing but books for sale and even those took about 4-5 days to reach you!

Now you can buy anything from TVs and laptops to groceries and spa weekends! And with Amazon Prime available in most UK cities you can get whatever you need the very same day you order it!

But what can you do to help make things cheaper on Amazon for you? Here are 3 top tips to make sure you are always getting what you want at the lowest price available on there!

Use a Discount Finder

Amazon is a website where you can spend a lot of time searching around and playing with filters to get the biggest discount on the products you want. But what if they could all be done before you head to the site, or better still, automatically!

There are some fantastic tools out there like The Money Shed’s Amazon Discount Finder which will let you choose which item you want and how much discount you are looking to get (the more the better!) and then will take you straight through to Amazon with those discounts already applied!

As you can see from the pictures above the savings you are able to get using the Amazon Discount Finder are amazing and best of all the results you get are all in REAL time so you can be sure that if any Amazon Lightning Deals come along your results will include them.

Buy Amazon Gift Cards

This one will require a little bit of organisation but it’s a great way to get the items you want off Amazon a bit cheaper. There are a number of community forums online that deal in trading gift cards at reduced prices and more importantly to us, Amazon Gift Cards.

The place I tend to use the most is AVForums Classified Vouchers section which offers great deals on all sorts of gift cards. I’ve been able to get £50 Amazon Vouchers for £41 before and with a great feedback system in place on the site you can check out their selling history and check everything is above board before you purchase one! You could also consider an Amazon credit card for an initial voucher and ongoing loyalty points.

Join up to Amazon Prime

A lot of people think that Prime is just about Free Delivery and getting access to the other perks like Amazon Prime Movies.

At just £79 a year or £39 a year if you are a student and able to access Amazon Prime Student the savings can start for you are soon as you sign up!

In fact, one of the biggest advantages is the discounts you are able to access from being an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Prime Day tends to be the best well known day of discounts for buyers but you can actually find discounts every day on the site. These discounts usually appear within normal listings telling you that you can get £3 or £5+ off a product as an Amazon Prime member.

One final section to take advantage of as well is the Amazon Warehouse which has some FANTASTIC bargains in and I’ve used it many a time to buy the likes of TVs, Monitors, Guitar Amps and much more!

So there you have it. 3 easy ways you can save money when shopping at Amazon. Using the advice above you should hopefully have more money in your pocket and yet more items clocking up your hall way at home when they get delivered!

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