15 Amazing Amazon Shopping Secrets That Will Save You Money

Becky | Freebie Lady
by Becky | Freebie Lady

Do you want to spend less while shopping on Amazon? Today I want to share the best Amazon shopping secrets that will help you save tons of money. Let’s dive in!

Amazon Treasure Truck

1. Amazon Treasure Truck

There is a program where Amazon texts you their very exclusive deals that only last about 24 hours. I have recently purchased some $50 headphones for just $20 through such a deal. To get started, just text the word “Truck” to the number 24193.

2. Finding coupon codes

As you might remember, at the end of checkout Amazon suggests putting in a coupon code. So how do you find those? There are Amazon affiliates, such as myself, who make commission from purchases made through the link they publish. On our Amazon affiliate dashboard, there is a huge section of exclusive Amazon coupon codes for thousands of items at 80-90% off. Since all the Amazon affiliates have access to those, they will put them on their social media. You can find those through Amazon-related hashtags on Instagram or in Facebook deal groups.

Amazon Shopper Panel

3. Amazon Shopper Panel

Did you know that there is a way to get free Amazon gift cards directly from Amazon? It is called the Amazon Shopper Panel. To become involved, apply via the app, and once you are accepted just scan receipts from any store and take surveys. You will then get points that you can redeem to get Amazon gift cards. Be warned that it might take a little bit of time to get accepted.

4. Photo storage

If you do not already have a photo storage backup of some kind, then you are at risk of losing all the photos on your phone all the time. The good news is you can get free photo storage from Amazon: as a prime member, you get unlimited storage, and if you are not one, you still get five gigs for free. All you have to do is sign up, get the app on your phone, and it will automatically sync your phone's pictures with the app and so you never risk losing them.

Amazon Coupons

5. Amazon Coupons

Many people do not know that there is a section on Amazon for coupons. All you have to do is click the coupon, and you will get the discount applied to your cart.

6. Amazon Outlet

Amazon Outlet is simply overstocked items. This is where Amazon keeps the items they have bought too many of, leading them to sell them at a discounted price in order to move it.

7. Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse sells damaged, boxed or returned items. All the products are quality control tested, so you are for sure getting a good product and it still falls under the A to Z guarantee, but it might be missing a box. Moreover, if you get something and it is not up to your expectations, you can just return it for a full refund.

Amazon Renewed

8. Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed is refurbished items. You could either find them directly through Amazon Renewed, or when you are buying a product on Amazon, you can click on “new & used” and see if it is sold at Amazon Renewed, Warehouse or Outlet. Never trust the buy box to show you the best price for the item.

9. Saving on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime keeps getting more expensive, but there are still ways to save on it. First, I have to underline that if you only need Amazon Prime for the free shopping, you can definitely make do without the Prime. Many items are still shipped for free even without Amazon Prime, if you have $25 or more in your cart.

You can get Amazon Prime for a discounted price if you have EBT or Medicare. Moreover, there is Amazon Prime Student, which is less expensive than regular Amazon Prime. So if you're a student, make sure that you look into that.

Lastly, if you only need Amazon Prime for the video benefits and not shipping benefits, Amazon Video is only $4.99 a month.

10. Sharing Amazon Prime account

Many people have no idea that you can share your account with other people. To add someone to your Amazon Prime, just go into your account, click Amazon Prime, scroll down to the “manage your household” section, and just add whoever you would like.

Amazon customer service

11. Contacting customer service

Amazon is known for their amazing customer service, so if you are not getting your packages on time or their quality is not up to your standards, make sure to talk to them. The easiest way is the online chat. Scroll to the very bottom, click on “Help”, then “Something else”, then “I need more help”, and you will enter the chat. In order to talk to a real person, text “more help” and keep saying that until they refer you to a representative. If you have legitimate complaints, they will likely give you discounts or give your money back on products you are not happy with.

12. Using cashback apps

If you are not using a cashback app while shopping on Amazon, you are throwing money away. My favorite cashback apps that I always have running on my computer are Rakuten and TopCashback.

Amazon Assistant

13. Amazon Assistant

This is one of my favorite Amazon shopping hacks. If you have ever found an item on a different website and wondered if it is cheaper on Amazon, Amazon Assistant will make searching so much easier. It pops up on the upper corner of your web page and it tells you if that item is on Amazon, comparing the two prices to allow you to make the best decision.

Amazon Movers and Shakers

14. Amazon Movers and Shakers

One more amazing Amazon shopping tip is using Amazon Movers and Shakers. These are the top ten items for every single category that have sold the most units in the last 24 hours. Usually, this means there was a drastic drop in price, word got out and people are buying the item up. You can also break it down by category to find the stuff you need.

15. Returning devices

Lastly, if you have Amazon devices at home that you are not using anymore, you can send those to Amazon and get credit to buy a new one or an Amazon gift card.

Amazon shopping secrets

I hope that my Amazon shopping tips and hacks are going to save you a lot of money already in your next purchase. Which one is your favorite? Do you have any other tricks you would like to share? Leave a comment below!

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  • Jim Todd Jim Todd on Oct 24, 2023
    There is a big difference between Medicare and Medicaid. The discount for Amazon Prime is for people on Medicaid, not Medicare.