Costco Secrets That Will Help You Save Money

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Get ready for some valuable Costco secrets that will help you save. Buying in bulk is the most affordable way to shop. This is part of what makes Costco so great. There are also a few Costco shopping secrets that will help you save even more.

Did you know that Costco will refill old printer cartridges? Instead of buying brand-new ink cartridges every time your printer runs out of ink take them to Costco. Getting old cartridges refilled is a quick and easy way to save.

There is some useful information to be aware of when looking at price tags. When there’s an asterisk on the tag that means that the item is not coming back so make sure to scoop it up if you’re interested.

When a price ends with $.88 that indicates that this is the lowest price the discount will go, so grab those items as well. Product prices ending in a 9 are priced by the manufacturer.

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There are rumors that certain Kirkland brand items are made by the same manufacturers as the name-brand products. In other words, it is the exact same product as the name brand, with a Kirkland label. Allegedly this is the case for diapers, dog food, vodka, and more. Go with the Kirkland label to get the same products at better prices.

Costco has great furniture for fantastic prices. You can find beautiful furniture for a fraction of the price you would get somewhere like Crate and Barrel. They also carry fold-out portable mattresses that are incredibly convenient and well-priced.

Hardware section items are priced much more affordably than hardware store prices. Organic items are also well-priced because you’re buying in bulk. Secrets like these will help you save more on items that are already well-priced.

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  • Maria Elena Salinas Maria Elena Salinas on May 07, 2023

    The walnuts are about half the price as regular supermarkets. Also, the REAL bacon bits are a bargain, I freeze 2/3 of the package and take it out as needed. The salad kits are always 2 for the price of one!

  • Grace Notaro Grace Notaro on May 10, 2023