Dollar Tree Vs Walmart: Which is Cheaper?

by SouthernFrugalMomma

We all love good deals, and it is not always obvious where it is better to shop – at the Dollar Tree or Walmart. There are numerous items that I consider the best deals at the Dollar Tree and always buy there, so I am putting that to a test.

Today, I am driving to both stores to do a Dollar Tree vs Walmart price comparison and find out if Dollar Tree is cheaper than Walmart. Let’s dive in!

Lead refill

1. Back to school supplies

Back to school season is here, so let’s take a look at the school supplies. The little pack of lead refill was $1.25 at Dollar Tree and $2.88 at Walmart. The cheapest Walmart foam boards cost $2.97.

Tissue paper costs $1.25 for 35 sheets at Dollar Tree, while at Walmart you will only get 10 sheets for $0.98. Wax paper is also cheaper at the Dollar Tree, coming out to $0.2 per foot compared to $0.3 per foot at Walmart.

Surprisingly, though, parchment paper is actually a better deal at Walmart, ranging from $0.05 to $0.06 per foot, while at the Dollar Tree the cheapest one costs a bit over $0.06 per foot.

Greeting cards

2. Greeting cards

Moving on to greeting cards, Dollar Tree offers a wide selection of cards for $1. Walmart used to have a $0.47 section, but the choice was poor, and today I did not even find any at that price – only the regular $0.98 cards.

The crosswords and Sudoku puzzles are dramatically more expensive at Walmart, going for $3.98, as opposed to $1.25 at the Dollar Tree.

For hair accessories, bobby pins cost a shocking $3.56 at Walmart, and elastics cost $2.98, while the same thing costs the regular $1.25 at the Dollar Tree.

We love getting plastic forks at Dollar Tree, as at Walmart they cost a whole $1.98. Containers are also always one of the best deals at the Dollar Tree.

Dry floor cloths

3. Cleaning supplies

Let’s take a look at the cleaning supplies! Armor All glass cleaner is a better deal at Dollar Tree, too: they sell 4 oz bottles for $1.25, coming out as $0.31 per oz and Walmart offers a 10 oz bottle at $3.97, making it $0.39 per oz.

I always get Lime-a-Way toilet bowl cleaner, and the alternatives at Walmart are almost two times more expensive.

Dry floor cloths are sold for $1.25 for a 15 pack at the Dollar Tree, while Walmart offers a 52 pack for $9.98, making one singular cloth two times more expensive than a similar one at the Dollar Tree.

Brillo soap pads go for $2.77 at Walmart, and Dollar Tree sells the same amount for $1.25. Disinfectant wipes come out to $0.06 per wipe at Walmart and $0.04 at the Dollar Tree.

Cherry filling

4. Food

What about food then? Corn tortillas, as well as regular flour ones, are without a doubt cheaper at the Dollar Tree, sold at $0.05 and $0.1 per tortilla as opposed to $0.07 and $0.12 at Walmart.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch spread costs two times more at Walmart, and so does reduced fat milk. The price for Garlic Texas Toast at Walmart is $2.24, which is $0.28 per piece, compared to $0.21 per piece at the Dollar Tree. Rice cauliflower comes out to $0.18 per ounce at Walmart and $0.12 at the Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree also wins with the seasoning blend that goes for $1.38 at Walmart. Cherry pie filling is half as expensive per ounce at the Dollar Tree as it is at Walmart. Barbecue sauce is $1.84 at Walmart for the exact same bottle. Potato gnocchi cost $1.97 at Walmart for the same size. Chili costs $1.37 for a $1.25 Dollar Tree can.

Rice, lentils and beans are all also a better deal at the Dollar Tree, however, egg noodles are better bought at Walmart for $1.43 for 16 oz, compared to $1.25 for 12 oz at the Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree vs Walmart

These were all the things that I usually buy at the Dollar Tree, expecting them to be cheaper. I was wrong about two things, so I will have to switch that up. Still, however, these are some of the best Dollar Tree deals, so I hope you have found them useful and you will take advantage of them.

Which items do you usually buy at the Dollar Tree? What is their best deal for you? Do not be shy and leave a comment below!

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    Thank you! I will definitely do more shopping at Dollar Tree
  • Mary Farmer Mary Farmer on Dec 11, 2023
    I like the shelf stable milk at $ tree. Even when it is opened, and refrigerated it lasts longer than milk in the refrigerator isle.Kitchen doo-dads and towels and matching pot holders are cute and a cheaper way to brighten up a dreary kitchen than Walmart.