How to Do a Low-Buy Year: My Strategy & Action Plan

Amelia Rose Talks.
by Amelia Rose Talks.

How will I achieve shopping and spending less during my low-buy year? I have addict tendencies and I have a luxury handbag addiction. I like to shop, and I’m going to be tempted, I know it.

But I’ll share with you the strategies, methods, and action plans I intend to put in place to help me along the way to reach my financial goals.

A goal without a plan is simply a dream, which is an old saying, but it’s true. But I have a few low-buy year rules and action plans to help me manage my tendencies and impulsivities throughout the year.

1. Shop my own wardrobe

It sounds obvious, but I don’t do it! I forget that I have things in my closet. When I decided to take on this low-buy challenge, I looked in my closet and found items I really like! When I have the urge to find something new, I’ll head to my closet instead of jumping onto the internet or into a store to see what I can buy.

2. Keep my wardrobe organized

This is key because based on the first rule above if I don’t see things, I forget I have them. I will organize my closet so I can actually see what I have.

3. Unfollow some resellers and influencers

I have to do this to succeed. I need to unfollow certain resellers and people on Instagram that make me feel less than others, not good enough, or dissatisfied with my life.

Some of these Instagram influencers have luxurious, extravagant lifestyles that make me feel pretty crappy about myself, so they have to go. I also can’t be tempted to impulsively buy new items because they are pretty.

Keeping a small wish list

4. Keep a small wish list

I will have a tiny wish list this year. I will keep it on my phone and as a reminder to rein in my impulsivity. So when I see the next pretty shiny object, I’ll whip out my wish list to see what’s really there to see if I need to swap something out or just forget about it.

5. I’m going to activate the 24-hour rule

If I see something I really want to buy, I will put my phone away for 24 hours to see if I really want it the next day. I have to see if I’m even still thinking about that thing 24 hours later.

Will I even remember that the thing that I put in my cart the night before still exists? Probably not! I have to cut out the buying on a whim. Half the time I don’t wear the stuff, it doesn’t fit my shape, and it’s just a big waste of money.

6. Stop buying things to replace good enough things I have

This has to do with my house. I’ll finish a room and I’ll see something that may look “better” than the thing I already have in place!

I’ll obsess over the room that I just finished even though I have rooms that still need renovating in our house. I’m going to focus on the rooms that need attention, not the finished ones that look good already.

Writing down goals

7. Keep reviewing and reflecting on my goals

I have to keep reviewing my goals and resetting them every month to have them fresh in my mind. Each month I will look over my activities to see how I’ve progressed toward my goal or what I didn’t achieve.

I think looking at how far I’ve come every month will help me stay on track. Or if I fall short one month, I’ll have to see how to refocus and do better to get back to my goal. If I check myself, it will prevent me from spiraling down too far if I make a mistake and I can catch my error and address it.

8. Focus on what I love in my wardrobe

I love some things in my wardrobe. But I have to identify what items in my wardrobe I don’t really love or use. If I’ve fallen out of love with something, I have to sell it.

The thing about having a luxury handbag addiction is that there is a lot of money tied up in these bags! If I sell them and have funds come back in, it will offset what I do spend. I have to be realistic about what I love and what I have to let go of.

Low-buy year

I hope that this gave you some insight into how I’m going to achieve my low-buy year. I’m hoping some of these tips can help you, too, whether you’re on a low-buy challenge or a no-buy year.

Let me know if you’re heading into a low- or no-buy year and how you’ll do it. Also, let me know if you have a shopping habit you need to manage to achieve your financial goals.

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