6 Things I Won't Buy in 2023

If you’re like me, you probably have some big financial goals this year. If so, you may be thinking about frugal living and things minimalists don’t buy, you’ve come to the right spot.

I’ll share with you things I don’t and won’t buy this year to save money so we can reach our financial goals while still living a full life.

1. Lands’ End sweaters

I have a lot of Lands’ End cotton sweaters because I love having clothes in natural materials. But, they do not hold up well over time.

I recently bought a beautiful fuschia cardigan but it started to get holes in the armpits. It happened way too fast, and though I don’t treat my clothes gently, I do expect them to last for a while, but it seems like these cotton sweaters are not holding up.

I have been moved to buy polyester sweaters. I never thought I’d be saying that since it’s not a natural material. But I have one polyester sweater that I bought about seven years ago from a department store, and it does not have any holes in it and works just fine.

Buying cotton sweaters that wear out fast means I have to spend all this money replacing them, and that is just so irritating. So, I bought a polyester sweater from J. Crew and so far, so good. It’s also not as “unbreathable” as I thought it would be.

Nursing clothes

2. Nursing clothes

Or rather, I won’t be buying expensive nursing clothes. I’m officially done nursing my second son and I’m so relieved because, for me, nursing is so hard.

Since nursing is hard enough, I always thought you should have the right clothes to make breastfeeding as nice as possible.

My favorite place to buy nursing clothes is Seraphine. They make great, high-quality, super comfy nursing clothes that make me feel beautiful and make me feel good about breastfeeding.

These clothes are not cheap. I may have paid $80 (or more) for a dress! It was worth it because I felt put together and I wanted to be comfortable so I could nurse my baby as long as possible.

I have bought nursing clothes from many different brands but love looking classy so I like Seraphine.

Buying a house

3. Another house

We won’t be buying another house this year. I wrote down my goals for this year on my new planner and on that list was “move.” But we actually bought a new house in the prior year.

So now we can have two long-term rentals and then we renovated part of this house to be a short-term rental with Airbnb.

My original thought was that we were going to do that in the spring of this year, but we closed in record time last year. I would love to buy another rental property but I doubt we’ll have enough money saved up for that this year.

4. A computer

We were forced to buy a new computer because the other one stopped working and I couldn’t download videos. Of course, this happened when I was in the middle of a collaboration and it was just the worst timing.

We ended up getting this HP laptop at Costco. It’s nothing fancy, and it was affordable. I think I paid around $400. But it does all the things I need it to do.

Live plants

5. Live plants

It makes me a little sad that I won’t buy live plants this year. I’m just not very good at watering my plants and even the indestructible ones died. For now, I’m too busy and I don’t want to subject any more plants to my care (or lack of).

6. A piano

This makes me sad, too. When we moved, I was lucky enough to have a studio dedicated to all my instruments (I teach music lessons there). Now we have a fully tax-deductible room.

And, I already do have two pianos. But there’s enough room in my studio for a grand piano. I’d love to get one someday but not this year. I’ll use my lovely acoustic piano that we got off Facebook Marketplace for $140.

I also have a brand new Yamaha Arius YDP-145 digital piano with beautifully weighted keys that we got last year. I will just wait for a fabulous acoustic grand piano.

Things I won't buy in 2023

So, those are my wants that will just have to wait in my quest for frugal living. What is something that you are not buying this year? Share in the comments something that you hope to not buy this year and why.

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