This Off-Grid Tiny House is Located on Her Family's Farm by the Sea

by Simplify

When Kacey finished university, she decided she wanted an off-grid tiny house. Kacey is from New Zealand and was raised on her family’s farm. The farmland has been in her family for 150 years and is situated on the coast.

With her parent’s permission, Kacey built her tiny house on her family farm.

Kacey worked with engineers to design a space that matches her aesthetic and optimizes the small space for maximum convenience and comfort. Taking into account everything from sunlight to airflow, and views, Kacey managed to create a space that meets all her needs.

Off-grid tiny house powered by solar panels

The house features a wraparound deck so no matter where the sun is at any given point of the day, there is always part of the deck with sunlight access. The house faces the mountains and the ocean so she can appreciate the view from inside her home.

Kacey’s completely off-grid home is 10x26x14 feet in size. Energy comes from 16 solar panels which run on a 10-kilowatt system. The water is connected to the farm’s already existing water system.

In true DIY off-grid tiny house fashion, Kacey worked hard to make this home reflect her aesthetic. The black exterior creates a sleek and modern look. The walls inside are painted black with the exception of a couple of white and wallpapered walls to open the feel of the space.

Kacey made the space her own, designing the inside with a modern and vintage mixed style. Items like repurposed old family furnishings and stain glass her mother made amplify Kacey’s fingerprint on the DIY feel of the space.

Off-grid tiny house

From the wrap-around deck to the lofted bedroom and sitting room, this tiny home meets all the standards, and maybe even surpasses, those of a regular size home.

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  • Kar57560527 Kar57560527 on Oct 06, 2022

    She really did make it her own!!! A lovely and creatively styled HOME 🏠🦋💌 Using the color black is amazing, though I would not have imagined how well it works!