They're Completely Self-Sufficient With an Off-Grid Tiny Home & Garden

by Simplify

Greer and Brent’s off-grid tiny home and off-grid garden is slowly turning into a piece of paradise in Western New Zealand.

When you approach the home, one of the first things that stands out is the exterior, which is full of rockwork and beautiful plants.

Off-grid tiny home and garden

Greer and Brent knew that they wanted to own land together, but struggled to find something under NZD100,000 (USD60,000). Luckily, this piece of land in New Zealand came up for sale, so they took a road trip to see it and fell in love.

After purchasing the property, they didn’t have cash left over to build a house. However, they found an amazing house truck for only NZD2,000 (USD1,200), so they bought it and moved it to their property, where they started to make it their home.

The tiny truck house has all sorts of elegant touches, such as the stained glass door, the beautifully crafted woodwork interior, and the potbelly stove that Greer and Brent use for heating and cooking during the winter.

Greer and Brent are completely off grid. They use solar power and a composting toilet, as well as a graywater system that waters the plants. There are also three tunnel houses on the property where the couple grow their own food.

The goal is not only to be completely self-sufficient, but also supply others, and Greer and Brent have already opened up a store to sell some of their produce. Some local farmers and artists have joined and sell their goods there as well, creating a local farm store community.

Off-grid tiny home & garden

Greer was already used to tiny home living, while for Brent it was more of an adjustment. Today, he is grateful to have the chance to grow with the land and own a home, living debt free. Together, this couple is living the off-grid dream.

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  • Anna Y Anna Y on Sep 22, 2022

    They are living my dream. I would love to be able to do that someday!

  • Vir3239113 Vir3239113 on Jun 04, 2023

    If on solar panels is it best to be off the grid and what if your in the grid, what’s the difference?