Take a Look Inside This Luxury Container Home

by Simplify

You probably didn’t grow up wishing that your family lived inside a metal box. But these days, the luxury container homes on the market have changed all of that for many—proving that a well-planned shipping container home can be just as nice as a traditional stick-built one.

And one such home that has defied all odds and taken the idea of luxury container home designs to the next level is the Sea Container Cabin, owned by Nick—a man who’s no stranger to living in alternate types of housing throughout his life.

Painted black on the lower level and bright yellow on the second story, this container home looks stunning against its serene forest backdrop.

Planted down on a six-acre property in Index, Washington, Nick and his family enjoy skiing in the mountains during the wintertime and playing in the river throughout the summer when they stay here. They also rent out this luxury container home to guests on Airbnb when it’s not being occupied by them.

The main level is constructed out of a 40 ft shipping container, which was cut in half, and the cantilevered second story is built from a second full-size 40 ft shipping container. These were then put in place on a segmented foundation so that no trees were cut down and no tree roots were disturbed.

Sea containers

To increase the aesthetic appeal, Nick had the builders weld two locking mechanisms onto the front of the home while the working locking mechanisms are actually located on the back of the home.

And inside this luxury container home, guests will find a beautiful open staircase with LED lights and steel rods, a full-size gourmet kitchen, a tv watching zone with a fireplace, two bedrooms with skylights, a full-size bathroom with a steam shower, and a small water closet.

Luxury container home

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