Why This Couple is Choosing to Retire in a Tiny House By the Ocean

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For Colleen and Peggy, retiring in a tiny house was their fantasy. So the two of them moved from California to the Tiny Tranquility tiny house retirement community by the ocean in Waldport, Oregon.

In their new community, Colleen and Peggy are enjoying a sense of neighborliness and the companionship of other women their age. They think that tiny homes for retirees especially appeal to women because women are often looking to leave their traditional routines behind in search of something more adventurous.

They also think many women are looking for a simple home that both allows them to get creative in how they design it and doesn’t require much cleaning.

Couple retiring by the sea

For Colleen and Peggy, the hardest part of tiny home living was giving up their pets: They had 13 pets between them and had to sell some of them when they downsized since it wouldn’t be fair to keep so many animals cooped up in a small space.

As it is, between their two cats and their greyhound, Cinnabon, the couple is considering upsizing to a 24-foot tiny home instead of the 20- foot home that they currently have, mostly because they are tired of constantly stepping around the dog.

One of the benefits of tiny home retirement communities is that each lot contains some outdoor space and shrubbery, with landscaping provided by the community. This provides a sense of space and privacy and is used by Peggy and Colleen to create a lounge space for their dog. The home also has a dog park, which comes in handy for the couple, as well as a recycling program.

In addition to space for their pets, it was important to Peggy and Colleen to have a functional kitchen. They have a microwave/convection oven unit, as well as a stovetop that can be used on top of the countertops and put away when not in use, in order to save space. Because they are senior citizens, the couple opted to have a slightly raised bed, rather than a sleeping loft.

Retiring in a tiny house

Peggy and Colleen plan to be in the tiny house retirement community for a long time and love the feeling that everyone is looking out for each other.

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  • Nancy Nancy on Aug 12, 2022

    Interesting. Wouldn’t an instant hot water heater take up less space and provide more hot water?

    You have adapted well and offered some great tips.