This Tiny House for a Family of 4 is Also Home to Their Coffee Company

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This tiny house for a family of four shows that family living and tiny home living are truly compatible. In this video, Claire and Seth take you on a tour of their tiny home, which they share with their two children, and share some tips for designing a tiny house with a family in mind:

The home is equipped with two lofts: a “master loft” for the parents, with a fold-away ladder to prevent curious kids from climbing up during the day, and a kids’ loft that includes a play area with mats and toys for the children.

In addition to having space for their kids, the home also has a coffee nook that provides space to keep the coffee gear for their traveling coffee consultancy company. Between the coffee grinder, the espresso machine, and the pour-over equipment, this tiny home is fully stocked for the perfect cup of morning coffee, which comes in handy when you’re looking after two kids.

The couple run their coffee business out of their tiny home

Claire and Seth were inspired to make the leap to tiny home living after seeing a documentary where somebody built a tiny home for $20,000. They realized that was one and a half years of rent for them and their family! So they bought a salvaged trailer frame that they found on Craigslist for $3,000 and renovated it themselves for another $8,000, using many salvaged and recycled materials in their building process.

Seth worked in construction after high school, so he had the technical hands-on knowledge that allowed him to be the home’s primary designer and to build it with his own two hands. In addition to saving them money, building it themselves also makes it very easy for the family to modify and renovate as their children grow and their living needs change. Since they did the original build, they know exactly how to make the necessary modifications.

Tiny house for a family of 4

For Claire and Seth, downsizing to a tiny home has allowed them to have a debt-free lifestyle. They celebrated being debt-free with a trip to New Zealand, and the pictures are proudly displayed on the walls of their debt-free tiny home, which has opened a path to financial freedom.

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