You Won't Believe This Tiny Straw Bale House Is Made Out of Hay

by Simplify

This tiny straw bale house has created a cave-like ski town getaway in New Zealand.

Evan has years' worth of experience building straw bale houses, but this was his first tiny home. Because of the small size, it was important to him to think carefully about each element.

The tiny house is built out of straw

The home looks like a giant stone. Its unique shape was made possible thanks to the flexibility of the construction materials. Evan and his crew built the home on a trailer and molded the straw to fit the shape they wanted. After they had shaped it to their liking, they compressed it, and added lime, which is both breathable and water resilient, making it an ideal lining.

The lime theme is repeated throughout the home, with shaped lime countertops and curved nooks throughout. The use of different curves and angles creates a feeling of spaciousness despite this straw bale home’s area of only 33 by 18 feet.

A curved roof overhang catches water, which goes into an outdoor pond that acts as a separation barrier between the home and the outside world. The pond’s water is reflected and shadowed on some of the ceiling spaces, adding an interesting design and a feeling of movement that also helps to create the illusion of space.

The couch has low seating, perfect for catching the mountain view or for watching the fish in the pond. It also adds to the cave-like feel. The living area windows open close to the pond because opening close to the water allows for a cooler cross-breeze.

Although it can get hot at times, this ski town can also become cool during certain points of the year. That’s why Evan decided to install underfloor heating in the bathroom, which operates beneath the shower seat if you want a sauna-like shower experience. There is also an electric remote-control operated open-flame fire heater in the bedroom, adding to the cozy feel.

Tiny straw bale house

With its cave-like interior and elegant decor, you’d never guess that this tiny straw bale house is made out of hay!

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