Family Tiny House on Wheels Tour: How to Adapt to a New Baby

That Hippie Family
by That Hippie Family

Hey, guys. We are Ashley, Chad, and Floyd, and we are a family living in a tiny house on wheels. We get lots of questions about having a baby in a tiny house, so today we want to give you a tour. You may just be surprised about how easy it is to experience family tiny house living like us.

Tiny house family of 3

This is the entrance to our home. When you first walk in, you’ll see where we keep our shoes and Floyd's coats, jacket, sweaters, and Chad's backpack.

Right now we have our dining area folded down into our seating area. The centerpiece lifts up and then you can sit on both sides. When we feed the baby, we pull the high chair around to the front.

Jolly Jumper in a tiny house

This is where we put the baby in his Jolly Jumper. Normally it's over a door frame, but since we have a tiny house, we have it just hooked to the top of the hammock loft and he jumps right here. 

Baby toys in a tiny house

We've converted this area into Floyd's play area now, so all his toys are accessible for him.

Kitchen in a tiny house

Let's move along to the kitchen. Our stove and oven are a little small, so I would like to replace that with something bigger eventually. But, we do have a decent amount of counter space and a double sink. The sink was actually the first thing that we bought secondhand.

We really tried to use as many secondhand materials as possible. The windows and the doors actually designed our house. We got them first, and that's how we built the house. 

Family tiny house living

We also have a decent amount of storage. These cupboards are where we keep all of our dishes. Underneath is mostly storage for our instant pot, cat food, dog food, the appliances—that kind of stuff. 

How to heat a tiny house

We have a propane heater, which we installed kind of as an afterthought. It does get warm in here, but we don't have a dehumidifier built into the house. So, that was something that we did have to get as an afterthought since it tends to get humid in here.

Tiny home ideas for families

Our hammock loft gives us extra living space. We put a TV up there, and that's where we keep all of our books and movies. We always knew that we wanted to have kids and live tiny, so we figured at some point we would use this second loft as a bedroom.

In the future, maybe Chad and I will use it as our bedroom and then give our main bedroom to the kids. 

Having a baby in a tiny house

Let's talk about these stairs because these are such a feature in the house. We finished all of our drawer fronts, and I added these funky, groovy stickers to make it a little bit more retro. They're deep drawers so we have space for all of our stuff. 

This one right here is our pantry. We try to be zero-waste as much as possible. So, this is where all of our jar food is. 

Baby changing station in a tiny house

Coming back farther into the house, this was our front door at one point, but now it's Floyd's changing station. Chad and I keep all of our jackets, coats, sweaters, and shoes at the bottom.

Tiny bathroom

Welcome to our tiny bathroom. We have the luxury of having a full-size tub in here. We also use a washer-dryer combo machine. It's venting and condensing so you can choose what works better for you. We do use a composting toilet and then Floyd has his own potty. 

Closet space in a tiny house

We each have our own closet. Chad is on that side, mine is on that side. We have hooks for our towels. 

Tiny home with baby

All three of us sleep up here and intend to keep it this way for quite some time. We decided to get Floyd a big boy bed. We might turn this sleeping loft into the kids' room someday. And Chad and I would just then sleep in the hammock loft. 

Closet with baby clothes

One thing that we recently changed up here was we made it more of a Floyd space. Having a baby in a tiny house isn't hard. We just put this trunk up here for all his toys, and then we got this cupboard to use as his closet. 

Skylight in a tiny house

We put a skylight in the tiny house to help with the cross breeze in the house as well. It's made the house so hot in the summertime. So, I have this little tapestry as a makeshift curtain for now. 

Tiny house tour

So, this is our hammock loft. We have our TV up here, and all of our DVDs for when we hang out. 

Family tiny house on wheels

Another thing that I want to add is all of our main appliances are all propane. They’re on-demand, so it only takes a second for them to work. 


Family tiny house on wheels

Things look a little bit different now that Floyd has joined our family tiny house on wheels, but it doesn't feel any tinier. It feels like this is still the perfect lifestyle for us. 

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