Take a Tour of This Spacious Park Model Tiny Homestead in Texas

by Simplify

After a small wedding and a traditional home purchase upfront, newly married couple Yessi and Bobby ultimately decided to shake things up once again and purchase a Park Model tiny home. This purchase would allow them to live with a smaller footprint and save money now so they could eventually build the Barndominium of their dreams in the future.

The tiny homestead features a tree swing

Understanding that they wanted to raise a family someday, but that it was just the two of them now, Bobby slowly came around to the idea of buying a tiny home Park Model with the help of Yessi’s encouragement. Asking him to take the short drive to see some Park Model tiny homes for himself was just the ticket Yessi needed to convince him once and for all.

Impressed by how customizable these types of homes were, Bobby realized that they were a lot more spacious than he originally expected, and they even could afford to have a barndominium interior man cave on the property as well.

And after six months of living in their Park Model tiny home, both Yessi and Bobby are genuinely happy with their decision and looking forward to the years to come.

Built by Creative Living Solutions, their Park Model tiny home has a covered outdoor living space that is quite large, a nice-sized pole barn, and 5 acres of natural land surrounding it. And the inside of their home is pretty impressive as well.

Park Model tiny home

With high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, a large modern kitchen, a spacious bathroom, a cozy living space, and a vast loft bedroom and office, Yessi and Bobby’s Park Model tiny home is anything but ordinary.

The decor features alone will have anyone rethinking their own living arrangements. And the open layout concept definitely makes you wonder how much space anyone truly needs.

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