This Tiny Home Community in Texas is All About Farm Living

by Simplify

Village Farms is a tiny home community in Texas. They provide affordable housing along with a built-in community where residents can join forces to create an idyllic neighborhood.

Residents can volunteer on the farm

Village Farms built the tiny home community as an extension of the RV park. The community consists of 40 tiny homes in an L shape on the lot opposite the RV park, and the community is continuously expanding.

The homes are all less than 400 square feet, making them legal RVs. The community offers an in-house financing program for prospective homeowners. Homes cost between $166,000 – $193,000 and are built with the highest standards and highest quality materials.

What's more, the community has a certified organic farm run by Green Gates Farms. Residents can buy their produce from the farm. On weekends, they have a farmers’ market where residents are also encouraged to volunteer.

A home that was built in 1902 remains on the property and offers extra space for the community to use. The home is perfect for the neighborhood’s communal potluck dinners. It is also a space residents can use for parties.

In an area they refer to as pocket park amenities, community members have access to all sorts of luxuries the typical tiny homeowner does not have. There’s a hammock park for hanging out. Lawn chairs, fire pits, and grills provide an area for residents to barbecue. There’s a pool, a gym, and even a dog washing station.

Tiny home community in Texas

Village Farms is more than just a lot for tiny homes. Their unique operation thrives by providing tiny homeowners with a variety of amenities. Residents say the best thing about living in Village Farms is its loving community.

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  • Susan Susan on Jan 10, 2024

    I love places like this because someone came up with a good idea and made it a reality (as opposed to the public sector which probably would not have been able to formulate such a great idea).

    I hope these spring up in a lot of places. They just make sense and look like they are fun to live in.

  • Marcy Marcy on Apr 29, 2024

    Are there employment opportunities near enough by to allow a young person to work and live here?