This Dark & Unusual Tiny Home Design Breaks All the Rules

by Simplify

Samara and James are a couple who know a thing or two about tiny home design. Having lived in a more traditional house in the past, they decided it was time to make a change.

So, they moved forward, putting their own tiny home design ideas to the test while building a custom place of their own. And it couldn’t have worked out any better for them in the end.

House with black exterior

Located on a plat owned by Samara’s parents, they took their tiny home concept to the next level by going even smaller, and certainly, more practical, than their previous home while still making the most of land already inhabited by family—joining parents, siblings, and an aunt in a separate, but very communal, living space.

Some of the tiny home design ideas they incorporated into their build include an all-black exterior made up of timber, stone, and metal. And many other outdoor features, like greenery, a dining table, and an outdoor shower and bathroom that were inspired largely by the Japanese aesthetic.

Their tiny home interior design included things like creating concrete textured walls and installing dark cabinetry, countertops, shelving, shutters, and trim work throughout the tiny home.

Plus, they designed their bedroom to be pitch black when the windows are covered up, so that they could get a deep sleep every single night. They even added a projector in their bedroom so they could view television and movies while lying in bed and getting some additional rest.  

Unusual tiny home design

Surprisingly, this tiny home design only cost them roughly $100k dollars including some of the updates they’ve made to the home since. And that affordable rate was thanks in no small part to the thought that went into every decision they made and the use of many reclaimed materials throughout the home. 

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