77-Year-Old Sold Her Belongings & Moved to a Tiny Home on Wheels

by Simplify

77-year-old Penny gives us a tour of her tiny home on wheels, which she named ‘Silver Girl.’ She got rid of half of her belongings to move into her tiny house, and that has given her a sense of relief. She’s thrilled to be able to clean her entire home from top to bottom in under ten minutes.

Awning windows that open from the bottom

The entrance to the home is in the living room. The entire home has awning windows that open out from the bottom. This is a convenient feature because she lives in an area with a lot of rain and it gets stuffy with the windows closed, so they are perfect windows to keep open in the rain.

The interior of the home is made of all-natural pine wood, except for the bathroom which is all-natural cedar wood. Cedar wood is better for spaces with a lot of moisture. The ceilings are nice and high which makes the home feel more spacious than it actually is.

The house is equipped with more storage and cabinet space than the typical tiny home. There are plenty of bookshelves. The kitchen has a full-size sink and oven with a four-burner stove. It also has a full-sized refrigerator.

The bathroom and bedroom have sliding pocket doors. Her bed is raised so she can store seasonal clothing underneath. Upstairs in the loft, she has a dog treadmill so her dogs can get their exercise when she’s too tired to walk as much as they need, or when it’s raining out.

The trailer park has a septic system which makes things more convenient. With an additional bed in the loft, she has space for company. Penny’s tiny home provides her with everything she needs in a space she can easily manage.

Tiny home on wheels

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  • Ms. Tisha Ms. Tisha on Feb 15, 2023

    Very nicely designed and equipped with the best of a regular home! The pine wood created a pleasant comfortable interior! Black fridge looks good next to the pine! Enjoy your nice setup.

  • Pam Pam on Mar 04, 2023

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    they custom build tiny homes and are located in Alberta , Canada