Why a Tiny House on Wheels is Perfect for This Military Family of 4

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Sarah and Russel’s tiny house for a family of four shows that sometimes tiny living can be a great solution for a military family.

Based in New Zealand, their tiny house on wheels helps to meet one of the major challenges of living a military lifestyle: constant relocation. One of the biggest parts of relocation involves finding a place to live, but now, Sarah and Russel can easily move wherever Russel is stationed next.

In the meantime, they are enjoying life as a tiny house family. In this video, they take you on a tour of their home and provide plenty of tiny home ideas for families with young children:

This tiny house on wheels for a family of four emphasizes creating space for each unit within the family: There is no living room, in order to allow for Russel and Sarah to have their own bedroom on the ground floor; while the stairs lead to two lofts—one for each daughter. 

The lofts face each other and each has a half wall, allowing the sisters to keep each other company. At the same time, each sister has her own space and decorated her own loft the way that she wanted. 

Each loft includes a fold-out mattress chair for sleepovers. The half-walls can be easily built up to full walls once the girls are older and want more privacy. 

The kitchen is the hub of the house and comes equipped with two gas hobs, a full electric oven, and a drawer dishwasher, as well as plenty of storage space. The family often eats meals on the outdoor patio, which extends the space of the house and is shaded by a pergola.

Outdoor living space for a tiny home

For Sarah and Russel, one of the major benefits of tiny home living is that they can own their own home without taking out a mortgage; it’s important to them to have the financial independence that comes from living debt-free. Without the pressures of a mortgage, Sarah has gone back to teaching part-time and the family has more time to spend together. 

Tiny house for a military family of 4

Together, Sarah, Russel, and their children are showing that living mortgage-free in tiny houses is a great solution for those who want to own their own homes, but without being tied to the bank.

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  • Susie De Rosier Susie De Rosier on Jul 24, 2022

    Who did the build ? Quite a wonderfully built "home" ! Love it . Susan De Rosier from Kenai, Alaska