This Shed-to-Tiny-House Conversion Shows How a Shed Can Be a Home

by Simplify

Jessica’s shed-to-tiny-house conversion in Florida shows that with a little bit of hard work, even a run-down tool shed can become a home.

Jessica has wanted to build a tiny house for a long time; She was previously going to do a shed conversion, but that didn’t work out and she wound up building a floating tiny house and doing a skoolie conversion first.

Now, this is her first time doing a tiny house conversion on the ground. She hopes to eventually turn it into an Airbnb so that other people can use it to enjoy the tiny house experience.

Shed-to-tiny-house conversion

This tiny house shed makes use of the pre-existing structures from its toolshed days, such as some of the shelving units. It has a rustic wooden interior made of wooden palettes, which keeps the shed-like feel.

Jessica put in the electricity and insulation by herself, and really did most of the work on the conversion with her own two hands, using vintage and reclaimed materials, which allowed her to significantly reduce costs.

When Jessica saw the shed with its big windows that let in the sun and the beautiful views, she knew it would be a good tiny home. She did the conversion in a way that emphasizes the windows, by placing the bed directly in front of them, and also added an additional window that she bought in an antique store. The windows add light and create a sense of space, which is especially important in a tiny home.

The main draw of the home is not just the inside but the outside. There is an open firepit with logs and an open-flame grill, a hammock where you can rest and look out over the river, and a recently-planted garden that will soon be blooming with corn and green beans, allowing guests to pick their own food when they stay in the home.

Shed-to-tiny-house conversion

This charming shed-to-tiny-house conversion shows that some tender loving care can transform a shed into a cozy home.

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  • BOO BOO BOO BOO on Jun 24, 2023

    i put rubber snakes in all my sheds and garage and have never had a snake in any of them. i ve had them outside in the bushes or lawn but they stay away from the sheds

  • J J on Jun 24, 2023

    Throw some mothballs underneath your shed. Replace after heavy rain.