This Tiny House With a Bedroom Downstairs is Perfect for Retirement

by Simplify

Janis and Glen love being on the beach; when Covid-19 hit, they knew that they wanted to spend more time at the beach and more time outdoors.

So when they jumped at the opportunity to build an Airstream and access a plot of land in Tiny Tranquility, a beachside park in Oregon built for tiny home living. But they soon found that the Airstream felt cramped with two people in it. So they sold the Airstream and upgraded to a tiny home.

Their tiny house with a bedroom downstairs is convenient for retirement because it doesn’t require climbing. It was designed by Timbercraft Tiny Homes, which is famous for its high-quality build and design.

The tiny home is by the beach in Oregon

Janis spent two years researching different tiny home builders and was ultimately impressed by the top-notch craftsmanship that she found when she toured a Timbercraft Tiny Homes model.

One of the great things about Timbercraft Tiny Homes is that they handbuild the cabinets to fit the home. Additionally, although they do have models, the models come with lots of customizable features.

Janis and Glen chose the colors of the outside and inside of their tiny home, as well as the materials and patterns for the floor, cabinets, and backsplash. They have a blue and white theme throughout, with a blue tile backsplash and white countertops, a mixture of blue and white kitchen cabinets, and blue-ish dining chairs.

The home has an electric fireplace in the living room, as well as two sets of windows with double-paned glass, allowing for great views while also providing insulation. Janis and Glen also added two skylights and a swing fan to create a nice cross-breeze.

Since Janis and Glen plan on retiring to their tiny beach house, it was important to them to not have to climb. Because of that, they built a downstairs bedroom that has a big bed with a high ceiling. They also built a small loft above the ceiling to act as their daughter’s bedroom when she visits.

Tiny house with a bedroom downstairs

Ultimately, their tiny house with a bedroom downstairs is a beautiful home that is waiting to be transformed from a beachside getaway to a permanent retirement plan.

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