This Charming Detached Garage Tiny Home is Chic & Dog-Friendly

by Simplify

This garage tiny home transforms an old garage into the perfect weekend getaway.

The sleek black garage exterior matches the deck, which has a nest chair and an outdoor hot tub. The house is foundation-based, as opposed to many other tiny homes that are trailer-based. It also has access to amenities, such as running water and a flushing toilet, that give it a “big house” feel, despite the small area of 550 square feet.

The home is decorated throughout with pop culture art. Different paintings are based on movies, such as “A Christmas Story” and “The Sandlot”, and the shower wall features celebrity-themed tiles.

The tiny home is a converted garage

The home is dog friendly, with a special dog door that leads to a gated area that is safe for the dog to hang out in.

The living area has an L-shaped leather brown sofa, a TV, and a giant picture window with a view of the trees. Next to it, there is a nook with a driftwood coffee table, matching green chairs, and an electric fireplace that adds a cozy feel.

The bathroom is separated from the main area by a sliding barn door, and has unique touches such as a towel rack in the shape of a “rock on” symbol, as well as a nice mirror with a spot for hand soap.

The kitchen has a counter-height wooden bar that doubles as a dining space and as extra kitchen counter space. The kitchen is in the tallest part of the garage; the decorators took advantage of the 10-foot-high ceilings, with an overhead train track and a hammock hangout ceiling that doubles as an additional resting space.

The kitchen has beautiful glass doors that look out onto the property, with the potential for adding a grill to the deck and creating a mixed-use indoor/outdoor living space.

The loft has two matching bedrooms that mirror each other. With queen beds and 5.5-foot ceilings, it’s pretty comfortable as lofts go.

Garage tiny home

Thanks to intelligent and funky design, this garage home Airbnb provides the perfect tiny stay vacation.

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