How to Live on the Road With a Family in an Expedition Vehicle

by Simplify

Spencer and Roxanne have gained a lot of experience on how to live on the road with a family since they started doing it themselves.

Traveling across the country in a Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle with their daughter Bella, this overlander family enjoys the freedom of being on the go, meeting new people, and staying in places they’ve never ventured to before.

Traveling in an expedition vehicle

According to them, the best family travel vehicle out there is the one that works for you. To meet their particular needs, their expedition vehicle is fitted with all sorts of fun things like a built-in wine compartment, a dish storage cabinet, and a wine glass rack—all of which keep their items safely in place as they travel down the road.

With the addition of an auxiliary refrigerator and freezer, a dry storage pantry, and a kitchen window for ventilation, their small kitchen has just the features they need to feel right at home. Plus, they have plenty of storage there to keep other items safely tucked away like their GoPros and family games.

Expedition vehicle travel means always getting ready on the go. But, their split bath and shower offer enough space to get ready for the day while using a non-chemical black water system they can feel good about.

With the door that’s conveniently located to section off the rooms, any member of the family can find some privacy while showering or changing clothes.

On the outside of their expedition vehicle, Spencer and Roxanne have a connection box, a heated garage storage area with access on both sides of the unit, black and gray water tanks, hot and cold water access, and an outdoor kitchen.

How to live on the road with a family

For these folks, learning how to live on the road with a family just meant making small changes and enjoying big rewards.

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