How a Family of 5 Live on the Road in Their 6x6 Conversion

by Simplify

This 6x6 conversion truck is the perfect tiny home for a family of five. The family sold their home and bought this military truck so they could live in their tiny home full-time. They homeschool the kids and live a life of travel and freedom.

Living on the road

Purchasing the truck and trailer, and doing all the conversion renovations on their own cost $80,000. Living in a tiny home helps the family live a fairly minimalist lifestyle enabling the couple to retire early and live off their savings. These parents spend their time and energy focused on their kids and building a strong family bond.

While on the road they’re able to move easily from the cab of the truck to the kitchen of the cabin with a convenient connecting passthrough. When they are parked and settled, they can open their two 12-foot slide-outs that nearly doubles the interior space. With a standard refrigerator, freezer, oven, four-burner stove, and a pull-out countertop the family has everything they need to store and prepare their food.

The living room couch pulls open into a bed for the couple. The two younger kids have bunk beds that also serve as storage space. The teenage son has his own room in the trailer which also doubles as a large storage space for supplies. Even the kitchen table folds down to become an extra bed in case they have guests.

Three skylights and big windows provide plenty of light inside the cabin. The solar panels fold down against the side of the truck while driving and open when parked providing the family with electricity.

The amazing features that make the truck functional and unique provide this family with a home they can bring anywhere while maintaining the beautiful bond that keeps this family close.

6x6 conversion

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